Dan Crenshaw Defends SNL Against Trump's Assertion that Media Bias Should be Tested In Courts

God bless Texas and the men she propagates.

Incoming Texas Senator Dan Crenshaw, famous for his bout with Saturday Night Live, is now defending the show against President Donald Trump, who believes that it and other shows implicit bias against the right should be tested for legality in courts.


SNL has consistently made Trump the target of ridicule since his administration began, and while SNL tends to lampoon every president in some fashion, it has been uncommonly cruel to Trump and anyone attached to him. This triggered Trump to state that NBC and its ilk should be brought to court.

Internal libertarian alarms built into most Americans went off, including the one in Crenshaw, who publicly countered Trump’s desire to bring folks to court for free speech with a tweet of his own, reminding Trump how we do things in this country.

“Yes, the media deliberately misleads and spins,” acknowledged Crenshaw. “It’s legal, and it needs to remain legal. The 1st Amendment is the backbone of American exceptionalism.”

It’s bad enough that millennials want to revoke free speech by a percentage large enough to cause worry. It’s not necessary that the President of the United States, and a Republican no less, is of the mind that speech he doesn’t like should be weighed in the courts.


Whether you’re a die-hard Trump fan or not, lines need to be drawn in the sand, and Trump is eyeing one of those lines now. That Crenshaw spoke out about it and defended our right to say whatever we want makes me respect the man all the more, and I already greatly respected him for his ability to give as hard as he gets, as well as his ability to reach across the aisle in friendship even before the dust settles, which he did on SNL specifically.

Remember that whatever power you give Trump to right the wrongs, you give the next President down the road to wrong the right.



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