WATCH: Woman Claims Baby Sang Lullaby to Reassure Her Everything Was Okay In A Vision Just Before Aborting It

It’s disgusting enough to watch pro-abortionists speak about how killing a baby in the womb is somehow a boon to society, but watching others attempt to justify killing off their own child puts a really disturbing lens on it all.


In the following Ohio woman’s case, I feel as if she is suffering from the marked depression and regret scientists have discovered many women feel after their abortions, and she’s attempting to justify the killing of her child in any way she can. She’s trying to rest on the moral ground she’s been told she has by feminists, but something in her mind isn’t comfortable with it.

I could be wrong, but the justification she uses is rather bizarre.

According to Life News, the woman was a speaker at the  “blessing” of Your Choice Healthcare, an abortion facility in Columbus, OH which included speakers and even clergy members who were called to bless the abortions.

This already sounds like the plot to a psychological horror movie.

The woman explained that as she was sitting on the table before the abortion she had a vision of the baby singing a lullaby to her that, interestingly enough, was a rip-off of a Beatles song.

How the unborn “spirit” of the child knew about a Beatles song, the woman doesn’t say, but when you’re dealing in fantasies, suspension of belief is necessary.


Again, I’m not sure if this woman actually believes that the “spirit” of her unborn child came to her to sing a song convincing her that killing it was a-okay with it. I think she wants to believe it.

I feel equal amounts of pity for this woman as I do anger. I think she’s one of the millions of women who has been convinced that getting an abortion is not only okay, it’s moral. I think a part of this woman isn’t buying it, and so she’s crafted this disgusting story about her baby singing to her to help make sense of her own guilt.

Maybe that’s not true and she’s as much a true believer as the smug “preacher” women behind her, but in the end, I feel sorry for them too.


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