New App Posing HUGE Threat to Twitter Sees Thousands Looking for Free Speech Haven to Sign Up Almost Overnight

Twitter has done more than its fair share to make many feel unwelcome on the platform.

Between banning and suspending conservatives for so much as glancing at a leftist the wrong way, to taking their sweet time in punishing leftists who break their terms of service in a big way, Twitter has made its bias very clear.


If you’re a conservative, you’re a target. As I discussed in a video, Twitter employees even admitted to this while being filmed under-cover.

The final straw, at least for many, was the banning of Laura Loomer. As I covered last month, while foolishly wearing a Jewish star circa the Holocaust in order to compare her being banned from Twitter to the Jewish people who suffered, the point she made was worth paying attention to.

Loomer publicly wondered why she was banned for hate speech for calling out a politician for being pro-Sharia law, while literal hate preacher Louis Farrakhan still maintains his account despite publicly calling Jewish people “termites.”

It was a pertinent question and one that Twitter has avoided answering.

Twitter users seem to be fed up with the consistent threat of being suspended or worse for stepping out of line against the wrong person while the right people get a complete pass. Migrations have already begun to various platforms, but it would appear one is standing out.

According to the Daily Caller, an App called “Parler News” has seen a surge in users in such a short amount of time, the majority of them looking for free speech alternatives to the oppressive Twitter trust and safety nightmare:


While the platform itself has existed for three months, buzz about the app on Twitter earlier this week prompted thousands of conservatives to download the previously little-known app overnight. These new users include figures like Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens, whose Twitter account was suspended and then reinstated in August after she sent out tweets meant to showcase the anti-white racism of New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong, and conservative activist Laura Loomer, who late last month chained herself to Twitter’s front door to protest her own permanent ban from the site.

Continuing growth throughout the week has bumped the app to the seventh most popular news app in the iOS App Store, ahead of The New York Times, Google News, ABC, CNBC, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal apps. Android users can find Parler in the Google Play Store as well. Those who prefer a web-based desktop version can expect one soon, says Matze.

This less than good news for Twitter, whom many thought was too big to fail. According to Parler News CEO John Matze, however, Twitter’s hubris will be its downfall.

“Alternative platforms will rise and those who are bold will switch,” said Matze in a post. “Big tech is not too big to topple, in fact, they are blinded by their size/power and are hurting themselves by ideologically targeting groups.”


Many names have already made their way there, including TPUSA’s Candace Owens, the NRA, Paul Joseph Watson, and Laura Loomer.

Whether the migration trend will continue to make Twitter shake in its boots is yet to be seen. Parler is still not as integrated into the very internet like Twitter is, and it’s not a household name. However, Twitter is only pushing more and more people off its platform, and Parler is going to catch them. Perhaps it will happen enough to the point where Twitter starts to get worried.



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