Actor Who Played Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Puts SJWs Calling Christmas Classic "Bigoted" in Their Place

This image released by CBS, shows Hermey the Elf, voiced by Paul Soles, left, and Rudolph, voiced by Billie Mae Richards in a scene from "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer." The longest-running holiday special in television history, will be broadcast on Dec. 10, on CBS. (CBS via AP)

The killjoys that comprise the social justice warrior community have made finding problematic things in stuff you take joy in a full-time job, and business is good for them around Christmas time.


Aside from their consistent attacks against Christmas songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” one of their favorite punching bags is the classic cartoon Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This, of course, includes the Huffington Post who released a short video calling the cartoon “seriously problematic.”

The claims are that the cartoon encourages bullying, even though the cartoon clearly makes those doing the bullying out to be the bad guys. This includes the father of Rudolph’s doe friend, Clarice. They also claim it promotes gender stereotypes, as Donner tells his wife that she can’t join the search for Rudolph because “this is man’s work.”

However, the actress that played Rudolph, Corrine Connely, thinks these social justice busybodies go too far, and in an interview with TMZ set the record straight before calling the SJWs out as the Scrooges they are:

Conley said sometimes people cry when they learn she was one of the voices in the film because it’s touched so many people.

While the film DOES contain bullying — even Santa berates Rudolph’s dad for something his son was simply born with — she says it all works out in the end. That, to her, is what matters.


“I just can’t imagine it affecting anyone in a negative way. They must be like scrooge,” she said. “Tell them to watch ‘Scrooge.’ “

Connely is correct. Not only are the bullies in the story shown the error of their ways, but the entire story is about overcoming adversity and using the gifts you’ve been given to shine. It’s a heartwarming tale about finding friendship in unlikely places and moving to the head of the pack with pure determination.

The social justice-obsessed don’t want to focus on that. All they care about is the fact that something people find joy in has elements they don’t like in it, and so they want to rip it to shreds and hopefully, eventually get it taken down. They want everyone to be as unhappy as they are.

No thanks. Keep shining, Rudolph.

(h/t: DailyWire)



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