The Washington Post Is Proving that It's Run by the Emotional Equivalent of Children

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I realize that some on the left have absolutely snapped as President Donald Trump and his administration do absolutely everything to rub them the wrong way including winning against Hillary Clinton, and this includes the mainstream media.


The Washington Post, long considered something of a step below the New York Times in terms of popularity, seems to be one of those media outlets that are apparently so angry over Trump that they’ve resorted to petty jabs.

A solid example would be WaPo’s apparent anger at the fact that Brett Kavanaugh now has “Justice” stamped before his name despite the collective efforts of Democrat politicians, leftist activist groups, and mainstream media outlets. The onslaught they brought against him was horrendously undeserved, and what’s more, they knew it. On any other day, many of the news outlets would have laughed off the complete lack of evidence brought against someone, but Kavanaugh was a Trump appointee that could make the court constitutionalist for generations.

Regardless, WaPo pumped out article after article, both opinion, and news-ish, lambasting Kavanaugh to the point of absurdity. At one point, they even tripped over themselves and debunked a claim made about Kavanaugh in an effort to strike at him. That’s the mark of a publication in a hurry to push a narrative, not report the news.

Regardless of their best efforts, Kavanaugh was confirmed and the left went nuts while The Washington Post got bitter.

Earlier this week, Kavanaugh was fortunate to return to coaching his daughter’s basketball team, which he feared he may never be able to do again due to the character killing media frenzy that washed over his family. WaPo reported that he had indeed returned and that should have been that. Alls well that ends well for a good guy.


But no. WaPo decided to publish the article in the “Public Safety” section, obviously indicating that Kavanaugh was a sexual risk to the girls he was coaching. The slap was subtle, but it was a childish slap nonetheless. No court in the world would convict Kavanaugh of being guilty of what he was accused of thanks to a complete lack of evidence and a stream of ridiculous stories told about him, one including him being involved in a high school rape ring that was so well hidden that no one spoke or heard of it.

But Kavanaugh is guilty according to them, and so that’s how they will treat him. Let me reiterate that they know for a fact that Kavanaugh is innocent of what he was accused of. What Kavanaugh is guilty of is being on the wrong side of the aisle and being successful. That’s good enough for WaPo to accuse him of being a likely committer of child-rape.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The Washington Post is also in the business of subtly accusing, but not outright accusing, Tucker Carlson of being a neo-Nazi. They have to avoid those lawsuits after all.

As my colleague Alex Parker reported, WaPo made the accusation that Carlson is a “neo-Nazi favorite” based on the fact that the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, mentioned Carlson in 265 articles. By comparison, fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity was only mentioned 26 times.

So clearly, according to WaPo, this means that Carlson is saying a lot of things that are Nazi-ish in nature and so while they’re not saying he’s a neo-Nazi, they’re saying he’s a neo-Nazi. Wink, wing, nudge, nudge. Not only is this is ridiculous logic, but it also sounds like something an angry high school girl would do to ruin that other girl’s life for stealing the guy she likes.


Of course, Carlson isn’t a neo-Nazi. He’s never said anything that would indicate he is. Again, however, Carlson is on the wrong side of the aisle and he’s successful. That makes him free-game for WaPo to label him the second coming of a national-socialist regime that actively targeted and eliminated millions of innocent people in some of the most horrid ways possible.

Meanwhile, WaPo is only too happy to host articles on their site written by actual anti-semites like Linda Sarsour.

The Washington Post is not well. As Jon Stewart pointed out, many in the mainstream media have had their narcissism pummeled by Trump and WaPo isn’t taking it well just like everyone else in their field. They’re angry, bitter, and vengeful. They’re okay with making wild claims or dealing out subtle, yet horrific insults.

Perhaps the folks at WaPo need to take a breath.



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