Marvel's "Incredible Hulk" Actor Mark Ruffalo is Either Anti-Semitic or Incredibly Stupid

You expect the Hollywood elite to have a left-leaning bias thanks to the political bubble they find themselves insulated in, but the actor most famous for playing “The Hulk” takes his to a much higher level.


As in, agreeing on the destruction of Israel kind of level.

Ruffalo is apparently none too pleased about CNN’s treatment of anti-Semitic leftist Marc Lamont Hill.

CNN recently cut ties with contributor Marc Lamont Hill for saying at a United Nations conference that Palestinians should indeed engage in violence with Israel, referring to the nation as occupied territory, and throwing in a dash of Hamas verbiage just so it’s clear where he stands.

“If we are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people, we must recognize the right of an occupied people to defend itself. We must prioritize peace, but we must not romanticize or fetishize it,” said Hill. “We must advocate and promote non-violence at every opportunity, but we cannot endorse a narrow politics of respectability that shames Palestinians for resisting, for refusing to do nothing in the face of state violence and ethnic cleansing.”

“We have an opportunity to not just offer solidarity in words but to commit to political action, grass-roots action, local action and international action that will give us what justice requires and that is a free Palestine from the river to the sea,” Hill added.

“From the river to the sea” is often something you hear Hamas say when it comes to speaking about its takeover of Israel. Hill suddenly found himself over a line that CNN won’t even cross, and his contract was suddenly terminated.

This displeased Ruffalo, who decided to join in on the defense of Hill by promoting a petition on to have CNN restate his contributorship.


“Criticizing the actions of Israel is not anti-semitism. Since when is advocating for human rights a fireable offense? Join us in standing in solidarity with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill,” tweeted Ruffalo.

Many Twitter users none too subtly attempted to let him know what it is Hill actually said and what he meant.

…and it goes on.

If Ruffalo didn’t understand what Hill was talking about, he does now. Regardless, Ruffalo has neither further commented on the matter, nor has he deleted his tweet linking to the petition.


While ignorance is something I can forgive, there’s no way he doesn’t understand what it is Hill was getting at now. Ruffalo’s lack of action despite his very apparent education indicates something sinister. It indicates that he agrees with Hill.

I’m curious to see if Disney will take any action here. Disney is not above firing high-profile individuals for foibles, such as they did to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn for pedophilia jokes he made years ago. While Ruffalo did not directly make the comments that Hill did, he is in obvious support of them, and these comments are direct references to the destruction of Israel and the genocide of its people.

Either Ruffalo doesn’t understand this still, making him very stupid, or he’s anti-Semitic.

It’s my hope that Disney gets down to the bottom of it. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time Marvel studios had to find themselves a new Bruce Banner.


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