Conservative Anger Against Twitter Is Causing Its Stocks to Fall

As it turns out, bigotry isn’t good for business.

According to The Hill, Twitter’s stocks have fallen by over eight percent after a reported boycott lead by Fox News:


The tumble put Twitter on track for its biggest one-day percentage drop in more than a month, according to Bloomberg, which said several traders and other news outlets attributed the downturn to a Politico story published Wednesday night that noted Fox News hasn’t tweeted in weeks as part of an apparent boycott against Twitter.

Fox News hasn’t tweeted from its main account since Nov. 8, and the Fox Business account has been inactive since Nov. 9.

Fox News ceased tweeting from its account after a group of Antifa activists surrounded the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson and proceeded to spread pictures and video of themselves threatening Carlson and his family, as well as his home address. Twitter did not take immediate action, instead relied on its algorithms to handle the situation. As a result, both Fox News and Carlson have ceased using their Twitter accounts in a “silent protest” according to Business Insider.


How this boycott from Fox and Carlson affect the conservative landscape is anyone’s guess, as the stock drop is the result of fears, but Twitter has done its absolute best to make conservatives feel unwelcome, which is slowly but surely leading to the rise of various other social media equivalent sites, and causing Twitter’s user base to decline.

This has been happening for some time now, in no small part due to the recent failures by Twitter to deal with several issues, including the death threats to NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s children as I talk about in this video.


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