Active Member of MS-13 Gang Admits to Using the Migrant Caravan as a Way to Sneak Into the US

Screen capture from NYT video

Too many would like us to think that the migrant caravan is pure as the driven snow, filled with people making the long journey of hardship and strife in order to reach the promised land of America. We know, however, that it’s not.


According to the Washington Examiner, an active MS-13 gang member has admitted to using the migrant caravan as a means by which to enter the U.S.:

An active member of the MS-13 gang admitted to U.S. Border Patrol officials that he joined a caravan of migrants in the hopes of reaching the border and crossing into the United States, a U.S. official told the Washington Examiner.

Jose Villalobos-Jobel of Honduras was arrested on Nov. 24, after being spotted standing on the U.S. side of the border east of the port of entry in Calexico, Calif.

Customs and Border Protection said Villalobos-Jobel admitted to being from Honduras and an active gang member of Mara Salvatrucha 13, or MS-13, a transnational criminal organization. He also said he traveled to the U.S. from his home country with one of the caravan groups, which have said they were coming to the U.S. to apply for asylum at the border.

From the very beginning, we knew there were criminals in the caravan. This was admitted to by members of the migrant caravan itself, not discounting the high risk of terrorist organizations attempting to gain entry into the U.S. through the caravan as well. What’s more, according to the DHS, an astounding number of “fake families” have been discovered by border authorities attempting to falsify their claims of asylum and gain entry.


That there were criminals buried within the caravan is not at all surprising. On top of that, the behavior of many of the migrants didn’t lend to the idea that they were simply asylum seekers. Many denied the asylum offer given to the caravan by Mexico, choosing instead to proceed into the United States.

Once there, migrants that attempted to engage with border agents violently reportedly used women and children as human shields.

This is not the desperate peoples fleeing horrible conditions they are billed to be. The question is how many more criminals are moving within it?


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