Obama Administration Routinely Used Tear Gas Against Migrants at the Border According to DHS

Once again we’re confronted with another horrendous thing President Donald Trump is doing that, for some reason, wasn’t so horrendous when former President Barrack Obama was doing the exact same thing.


According to Fox News, Department of Homeland Security reports show that tear gas was routinely used against migrants at the border while Obama was in office:

According to DHS data obtained by Fox News, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has used 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, commonly known as tear gas, 126 times since 2010.

During the Obama administration, tear gas was used on the border 26 times in 2012, 27 times in 2013, 15 times in 2014, eight times in 2015, and three times in 2016. That compares to 18 times in 2017 and 29 times in 2018 during the Trump administration.

What’s more, Fox News found that during Obama’s time in office, DHS data showed that Pava Capsaicin, more widely known as pepper spray, was used on migrants 95 times in 2012, 151 times in 2013, 109 times in 2014, 30 times in 2015 and 56 times in 2016.

For some reason, this has not been widely reported by the mainstream media.

A lot of the anger about the use of tear gas has arisen toward Trump after the release of a viral photo that shows a mother dragging her two kids away from a popped canister in what looks to be a panic. However, upon close inspection of the photo, many have found reasons to believe that the photo was staged. This includes many other cameras in the background taking pictures of people pretending to be in mortal peril while many others seem to be standing around as if nothing’s wrong.


This moral panic over the handling of the migrants attempting to invade the country seems to be very one-sided. There was no outrage while Democrats were doing it, but it seems to be the height of atrocity when a Republican is in power. It even led Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to declare that the migrants at the border were just like those who suffered through the Holocaust.



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