WATCH: Brilliant Video Shows You Just How WRONG Jim Acosta Was About the Migrants Storming the Border

Jim Acosta was handed a figurative gun by CNN in order to shoot down what they were sure would be the Trump administration’s many inaccuracies and falsehoods, but instead, Acosta just continued to figuratively shoot his own foot, which he then would proceed to figuratively put in his literal mouth.


Remember when Acosta attempted to lecture President Donald Trump on the migrants which then lead to Acosta resisting a woman trying to take the microphone from him forcefully after Trump told him he was done asking questions? It was the ban heard round the world when Trump had Acosta’s press pass tossed into the trash, only to be fished out by court order.

Well, that moment will now live in infamy…for Acosta.

Thanks to Benny Johnson over at the Daily Caller, we can now see just how wrong Acosta was about everything he said from his moral high horse on the migrant caravan when trying to make Trump seem like a horrid racist.

The video features Acosta going into his “challenge” to Trump about the migrant caravan, quoting them as being hundreds of miles away (they weren’t, even at that time) and spoke of them as if they were pure as the driven snow. Acosta claimed that once the migrants did arrive, they wouldn’t cause any problems.

Johnson interlaced the footage of that famous back and forth with footage of what the migrants are doing now, and to sum it up, the migrants are doing everything Acosta said they wouldn’t do.


I’d say Johnson really landed a solid hit on Acosta, but let’s face facts. Acosta did this to himself.

As I wrote earlier today, the left is making the migrants seem as if they are asylum seekers, however after the majority of them rejected the very generous offer of asylum from Mexico, the migrants refused and wound up at the border where they charged the wall and threw rocks at border agents.

These aren’t innocent asylum seekers, these are invaders.


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