"We Don't Want You Here!" Watch as Even Mexican Citizens Protest the Migrant Caravan

Screenshot: The Guardian YouTube

So much for the argument that anyone against the migrant caravan coming into the U.S. does so because of racism.

According to video obtained by The Guardian, Mexican citizens in Tijuana are none-too-happy about the presence of the caravan waiting within their country to gain entry into the United States. According to the video, Mexican citizens don’t want their tax dollars spent on the refugees, and believe many of them to be dangerous criminals.


One woman in the video carrying a Mexican flag is seen yelling “Out Hondurans! We don’t want you here!”

The video also showed signs that read “First our poor. First our people. Viva Mexico.” Other signs read “Yes to immigrants. No to illegals,” while another read “No the invasion.”

The fact that they’re using the term invasion is interesting, given the American media’s refusal to use the term. It would appear that Mexican citizens are also against the caravan for the same concerns many in the U.S. are and are willing to call it what it is despite the concerns of the politically correct.

President Donald Trump echoed the mayor of Tijuana on Twitter who fears that the migrants could be staying in Tiajuana for up to six months as they attempt to gain entry in the United States. Trump noted that the U.S. is likewise “ill-prepared for this invasion,” calling for the migrants to go home.


According to statistics and some admission from members of the caravan itself, there are highly likely criminal elements within the caravan, amping the fears of both Mexican and American citizens.



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