DC Gun Carry Permits EXPLODE After "Good Reason" Restriction Lifted

Even the bluest of the blue areas love their guns.

According to the Daily Caller, DC residents jumped at the opportunity to purchase a firearm of their own after a restriction calling for gun purchasers to have a “good reason” for the purchase was lifted in July of 2017. After the Wrenn v. District of Columbia court case that saw the restriction relegated to the trash, DC residents came out in droves to buy a gun:


The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to The Daily Caller Tuesday that 1,896 concealed carry permits were issued by MPD for the calendar year to date 2018.

MPD noted that several hundred approvals came from applications submitted in late 2017. These were included in the current 2018 approval number, which is why the total number of 2018 applications for DC concealed carry permits to date is 1508 — a number lower than the 2018 approval number.

Prior the court ruling, according to The Washington Post, only 123 people had active D.C. concealed carry permits and MPD previously denied 77 percent of applicants for not providing the once-mandated “good reason” to carry.

That is a 1440 percent increase according to the Daily Caller.

This should probably be a heads up to Democrats who have typically found themselves on the losing end of gun control arguments. Despite this being a pattern, Democrats have announced that upon returning to power in the House, they will be pushing hard for gun control.


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