Kellyanne Conway Is Excited About a Hillary 2020 Run, and You Should Be Too

It’s a for sure thing according to a former advisor. Hillary Clinton will run for President again in 2020.

According to Thomas LaDuke, the twice-failed Democratic presidential hopeful seems to believe that a third time will be the charm that finally catapults her into the Oval Office where the power she feels she deserves will finally be hers.


However, the majority of people that seem to be excited about it are all on the right. This includes White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.

The reason for the excitement is simple, really. Clinton represents everything wrong with the left, and America, as a whole, isn’t going to elect everything wrong with the left.

Looking back, the Democrats and the left were so cocksure that their focus on identity politics and leftist causes would win them the election. Clinton and her ilk focused on the fact that she was a woman and essentially noted that she deserved to be elected simply on that criteria. Democrats warned America of the hate for this minority group or that marginalized group that a Trump victory would bring.

Not too many people in America actually subscribe to the social justice movement. More people didn’t even like Trump — yours truly included — and yet he still did what was necessary to obtain the votes. His focuses were on jobs, immigration, and fixing the problems the previous administration caused. Add to the mix that Clinton seemed faker than a department store dummy and had a scandal sheet a mile long, and you have a horrid candidate for President.

Despite the media hype blurring the realities of the race, Clinton was just not going to win.

“But perhaps,” say those on the left still in love with Clinton for some reason, “now that Trump has been President for some time, the rest of America will finally see how they made a mistake, and elect her.”


Not only is that not the case, but Clinton is also even worse off now than she was then, which is highly unusual for someone who didn’t even see a bump in approval from the sympathy factor candidates get after losing an election. In fact, even CNN’s Chris Cillizza acknowledged this in an op-ed.

If anything, Clinton is in a worse position, politically speaking, than she was back then. According to Gallup polling in September, just 36% of people have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton. That’s down 7 points from where it stood just before the 2016 election and is tied for her lowest favorable rating ever in Gallup polling.

If Clinton does run in 2020, don’t expect the Democrats to put their weight behind her again. She can hardly stand on her own as it is, and I’m not just talking about her attempts to get up the stairs. Running would just mean one more opponent Donald Trump doesn’t have to worry about.

What would Trump have to worry about? Not much at the moment. The Democrats have yet to produce a leader that could give Trump a run for his money, and part of that is because Democratic leadership hasn’t yet figured out that no one wants their brand of leftism. They’ve all drifted so far over that it’s now in a radical territory, only it’s become so typical that we just see it as a regularity.

Between pushing for ridiculous solutions involving gun control, a denial of science on everything from transgenderism to abortion, the backing of activist groups that range from sexist, to racist, to anti-Semitic, and the fact that its lapdog media has only hardened hearts against itself with its blatant bias, the Democrat leadership hasn’t caught on that what America wants isn’t more leftism, it’s centrism.


Blue politicians won in purple states because many of them refused to leave centrist ideals.

Clinton wouldn’t have the ability to have any semblance of centrism after her campaign where she recruited and was supported by radical leftists whom she nodded to constantly.

She’s done. Her moment, if you can call it that, has passed. America said “no.”

But if the Democrats want to say yes, it’ll be fun to hear America say “no” again. Conway and I are both excited.


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