CNN Didn't Have One Show in the Top 25 on the Cable News Ratings List

The results are in, and CNN isn’t looking so hot.

CNN is an internationally recognized name in news, yet not one of its shows could crack the top 25 in the ratings when compared to its rival networks MSNBC and Fox News.


Taking the most viewed programs, as usual, was Fox News with Hannity leading the pack with 3,064,000 followed by The Five at 2,745,000.

However, a Fox News program didn’t obtain the number one most viewed. That honor belonged to Rachel Maddow of MSNBC who barely squeaked out a victory over Hannity with 3,101,000.

When expanded out, CNN finally hits the list at number 26 in the ratings with Anderson Cooper’s program at 1,423,000. From there, it primarily contends with MSNBC shows, until it hits the 45 with under a million viewers with each show.

Overall, Fox News held the lion’s share of viewers with 44.1 percent of viewers tuning in to watch it from 6 am to midnight. MSNBC came in second 33.6 percent, and CNN brought up the rear with 22.4 percent.

The reasons behind the lack of viewers for CNN could be numerous, but chief among them would probably be the network’s incessant partisan reporting for the left, while it maintains an air of nonpartisanship.


While some would claim it’s CNN’s anti-Trump standpoints that are hurting the network, that can’t necessarily be seen as true. MSNBC is a leftist network that reports news and gives commentary from a leftist perspective and yet it’s more widely watched that CNN.

It’s likely that CNN suffers because CNN is telling its audience to distrust it without flat out saying it. It claims to be centrist, yet spends an inordinate amount of time bashing Trump and the Republicans. Jim Acosta acts like more an activist than a White House reporter, and some of its hosts, like Don Lemon, spout horrible things about Trump supporters and Republican voters.

For many, partisanship isn’t an issue, but dishonesty is. Helped along with highlights from the Trump administration, people aren’t sure they can get actual news from CNN.


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