Civility for Me, but Not for Thee: People on the Left Are Celebrating Antifa's Attack Against Tucker Carlson

If you want to know why it’s so hard to take seriously the whaling and gnashing of teeth from parts of the left who complain about President Trump inciting violence, today’s reaction to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s family and home being threatened by Antifa will give you a perfect example.


As Streiff covered earlier, Antifa showed up at the Carlson residence in the evening, attempting to break down his front door and proceeded to let Carlson know that his views are dangerous and wrong, before making the thinly veiled threat that they know where he sleeps at night. Carlson’s wife was forced to hide herself and her children away in a pantry where they called 9-1-1.

You’d think that involving the wife and children of a person you don’t like would be drawing the line, but various people on the left are already lining up to send the message that it’s okay to terrorize someone with mob intimidation and destruction so long as they believe in all the wrong things.

Vox co-founder Matthew Yglesias probably had the most disgusting take, essentially saying that Carlson had it coming and that Antifa is repaying Carlson for all the fear and hatred he allegedly promotes.

Actor Tom Arnold decided he too would throw in his two cents, claiming that Antifa is now on par in villainy with Tucker Carlson himself somehow.


People on the left, the same who believe that Trump and the right are the epitome of all violence, seem to be in agreement as well. In fact, some are calling the group that threatened and attempted to gain access to Carlson’s family simply “protesters.”

When confronted by a fellow Democrat about this, the Twitter user said that Yglesias was correct and that if Carlson’s wife wants the terrorism of her family to stop, then she should stop supporting her husband.


Others also feel that while all of this is wrong, Carlson is an exception because…reasons.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post even said she condemned what Carlson’s family had experienced, but for some reason, said Sanders should be afforded no niceties upon her exit from her post.

To be fair, many on the left are absolutely condemning Antifa’s attack on the Carlson family and the resulting support from parts of the left. To them, I say “well done,” and am glad that, at least for some parts of the left, there still is an agreed upon line that we don’t cross.


It’s worrisome, however, that those on the left in the media (including Jennifer Rubin, and I don’t care what she labels herself) who so openly condone the intimidation tactics and destructive tendencies of a domestic terrorist group like Antifa. If they truly want to stop the violence, then whenever Antifa rears its ugly head, everyone on the left and the right must immediately come down on them.

Too many on the left aren’t condemning the violence and intimidation, however. In fact, too many are fanning the flames.


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