Here's a List of Republican Minority and Women Candidates the Left Isn't Talking About

Here's a List of Republican Minority and Women Candidates the Left Isn't Talking About
The Republican National Committee logo is shown on the stage as crew members work at the North Charleston Coliseum, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C., in advance of Thursday's Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

We’re constantly told that the Republican party is the party of old, white men by the left.

We’ve known for some time that this isn’t at all the case. Women and minorities populate the right with gusto and largely go ignored by a party that, ironically, consistently tells the world that Republicans ignore minorities.

However, Twitter user Cam Wallace got tired of seeing all these women and/or minority candidates being ignored by the left that is constantly screaming about how racist the right is, and compiled a Twitter thread of women and minority candidates for your easy perusal.

Here they are below.

The list is a bit long, but therein lies the point.

The Democrat party tends to be a party that speaks as if it represents ALL women and ALL minorities. It speaks in sweeping generalizations about how the Republican party is bad for them, and that the only way to get a fair shake is to pull the lever for anyone with a D next to their name. Not doing so, according to them, is being complicit in the racism of the Republican party.

This isn’t even remotely true. The number of women and minorities running for office on the Republican ticket is large and Republican voters are a mixed bag. One look at a Republican rally will show you that the clan rally comparisons are way off the mark.

The thing about the Republican party, however, is that it’s not focused on identity politics. A candidate’s qualifiers don’t include “has XX chromosomes” or “has X level of melanin.” It’s a silly metric by which to gauge a person’s worth, and Republicans have made that clear throughout history.

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