The Leftist Complex Owes Brett Kavanaugh an Open and VERY Publicized Apology

The left needs to take its hat in its hands and start apologizing.

Between the Democrats’ ridiculous behavior in the Senate Judiciary Committee, the activists/protesters storming the doors of the Supreme Court to beat on its doors, and the media’s attempts to make the entire scene seem like the most nefarious thing to happen to modern America, the left was a disgusting display of gross behavior over the confirmation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


Everyone from CNN to Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker was trying to make Kavanaugh look like a shadowy villain of unimaginable proportions. Activists were screaming at the top of their lungs about Kavanaugh’s supposed past, or about the fact that if he was appointed, he would begin stripping rights from everyone, including mothers and transgendered people.

At the center of it all was the #MeToo Era-driven accusation that Kavanaugh, a man of integrity, was actually a vicious serial sexual assaulter. Women came out of the woodwork in order to accuse Kavanaugh of some of the most vicious things they could in order to halt his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

The accusations ranged in ridiculousness from Kavanaugh helping run an underground serial rape-ring operated by drunken teenage boys, to Kavanaugh attempting to rape a woman with his friend at a party.

It’s no surprise that no one could corroborate his accusers’ claims and that so many parts of every one of their stories didn’t add up. In a court of law, this wouldn’t even get off the ground. However, Kavanaugh wasn’t in a court of law, he was in the court of public opinion, and there, you’re always guilty…if you’re on the wrong side.


But Kavanaugh wasn’t guilty. He was innocent, and now we know he was. A man came forward and told officials that he had a sexual encounter with Christine Blasey Ford, similar to the one she described having with Brett Kavanaugh. A fourth accuser has now recanted her claim, and all the evidence points toward rape-ring claimant Julie Sweatnick being a complete phony.

Kavanaugh is clearly not the monster the leftist complex, from the politicians to the media, made out of him.

That Kavanaugh didn’t start by throwing his chair at the Judiciary Committee during his time in the hot seat after his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford (now sainted by the left), leveled completely false and unprovable accusations at him, speaks a lot of positives to his character. That he was clearly innocent and had the evidence to back it up, wasn’t good enough. He was guilty, and that was that. Anything he said or did would have been roundly mocked, and the tears he shed while defending his innocence and speaking on the hell he had to go through thoroughly was.

America watched as the left hung an innocent man, and watched as the left laughed while they did it. America clearly didn’t like what it saw, and the polls are currently showing it.

The success of appointing Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court didn’t give Republicans a boost just because they beat the left in a high-profile way. Don’t get me wrong, it helped, but America still loves its justice, and the left is facing theirs. Their approval points started to sink after the Kavanaugh confirmation. Now they face problems they shouldn’t be having in this kind of political landscape.


They should be gaining seats by armloads, but aren’t. According to the polls, many of them are falling short of Republicans who normally wouldn’t have a chance.

The left’s actions during the Kavanaugh hearing were weighed, and America didn’t like what it saw.

I didn’t at all expect the left to know that what they were doing was wrong while they were doing it. The now extremist party’s moral compass isn’t guided by a standardized societal agreement of right and wrong created from thousands of years of trial and error. They’re guided by what the mob (both figurative and literal) thinks is right at the time. It’s why they can justify horrendous things they engage in, such as putting an innocent man through hell, with a clear conscience.

But now they’re faced with the fact that all their scheming and positioning was based on a very clear lie, and the hell they put a man and his family through was all for nothing.

The left owes Kavanaugh a very sincere apology. News reports should be made, articles should be written, and speeches should be given, all of which show just how wrong they were to do what they did. Not only will that kind of leadership have a positive effect on America, it will set a precedent about how the left conducts itself in the future.


At this point in time, the left definitely needs to set some boundaries for itself. Clearly, they’re off the deep end with how far they’re willing to go to get their way.

America clearly didn’t like this attitude, and if the left doesn’t apologize, it may taint the party for years to come.


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