Here's Who Is at the Top of the List to Replace Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador

Like many, you’ve likely been wondering who will be able to replace the unstoppable force that was Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador.

Now, according to the Daily Caller, we have a peek at the top of Trump’s list and it looks like State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert is the current frontrunner, who at one time was almost Trump’s new Press Secretary before he landed on Sarah Sanders:


Nauert has served as spokeswoman for the State Department since April 2017 and assumed the official position of under-secretary for public diplomacy after the departure of former secretary Mike Pompeo. She previously served as a journalist for Fox News and has caught the president’s attention with her public appearances.

Nauert was also seen as a top contender to replace White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if she were to leave. The source cautioned TheDC that Trump’s mind was not fully made up yet and that he still could pick another choice, although he has said he wants to choose a woman for the position. Nauert’s leading candidacy was also reported by CNN.

While she may be the frontrunner, Nauert isn’t exactly well experienced having only served two years in the State Department. This may not play well for her during her Senate confirmations.


According to Fox News, Nauert met with Trump in the White House last Monday, though it wasn’t confirmed if they spoke about the position or not.

Nauert aside, Fox News reports that the other person being considered for the position is U.S. Ambassador to France Jamie McCourt.


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