Stand Up Guy Justice Brett Kavanaugh Rejects GoFundMe Gift of $600,000

The treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation process was as brutal as it was undeserving, and America was rightfully disgusted by it.

As such, a GoFundMe account was started for Kavanaugh that managed to raise $600,000 in an effort to monetarily ease his burdens after his harrowing ordeal. According to Yahoo, Kavanaugh, being the stand-up kind of guy he is, cannot and will not accept it on ethical grounds:


Citing judicial ethics concerns, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh declined more than $600,000 that was donated to aid his family during the firestorm over sexual misconduct allegations that plagued his confirmation. The judge’s decision was announced on Tuesday in a message posted on the online fundraising page that gathered the funds.

The message on the aforementioned GoFundMe Page reads as such:

“Justice Kavanaugh did not authorize the use of his name to raise funds in connection with the GoFundMe campaign. He was not able to do so for judicial ethics reasons. Judicial ethics rules caution judges against permitting the use of the prestige of judicial office for fund-raising purposes. Justice Kavanaugh will not accept any proceeds from the campaign, nor will he direct that any proceeds from the campaign be provided to any third party. Although he appreciates the sentiment, Justice Kavanaugh requests that you discontinue the use of his name for any fund-raising purpose.”

With Kavanaugh unwilling to accept the money, and unable to recommend a charity due to his position on the Supreme Court, the creator of the fundraiser, John Hawkins, did some research and decided to give it to the Archdiocese of Washington which runs the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), due to the fact that Kavanaugh is on record supporting it in the past.


Understand that, as Yahoo points out, Kavanaugh didn’t have to reject the money. Supreme Court Justices are not bound by the same rules as other federal judges are, but Kavanaugh is still keeping to these ethics guidelines he’s previously abided by which include ‘a judge should not personally participate in fund-raising activities, solicit funds for any organization, or use or permit the use of the prestige of judicial office for that purpose.’”

(h/t: DailyWire)


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