Media Calls the Shooting Up of a Republican HQ "Vandalism"

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I want to be clear going into this article that any destruction or violence visited upon anyone or any place is wrong.

What’s also wrong is dismissing the shooting up of a GOP headquarters, as if someone just spraypainted dirty words in the night and ran.


The Volusia County’s Republican Party headquarters in Florida was shot at sometime in the night between Sunday and Monday morning. Luckily, no one was in the building due to it happening so late at night. Unlucky is the fact that no one was around to see who pocked the walls and ceilings with bullets.

No other business in the shopping mall where the HQ was located was touched, making this a politically motivated strike.

The media has had a field day with the recent fake bombs that were mailed to various Democrats thanks to a crazy person who was a fan of President Donald Trump. They’ve also been doing their level best to connect the Tree of Life shooter who took 11 lives to Trump and the right as well.

This doesn’t seem to be interesting to them, however. No blood was drawn, and no Democrat was threatened. Nevermind that gunshots through a GOP office are both a threat and dangerous crime that could have resulted in someone being hurt or injured.

No, the media doesn’t want to make this a big deal. In fact, the Daytona Beach News-Journal dismissed the attack on the GOP HQ as “vandalism.”


Republican Party headquarters vandalized by gunfire in Volusia,” reads the DBNJ’s headline, which goes on to use the word three times in the article, and notes early on that Republican Party Chairman Tony Ledbetter blames Democrats.

It didn’t stop with the DBNJ either. Florida Today of the USA Today network, used the same phrasing.

This is obviously more than vandalism, and if the press was being honest with itself, it would say so. Vandalism would simply be a broken window, spray painted walls or some kind of messaging taped or glued to its walls. This was gunfire that sent bullets into an office. It’s lucky that some early riser or late night worker was in there when it happened.

Bias is one thing, but this kind of bias that downplays dangerous activity against a political group so it doesn’t seem as bad as the fake bombs sent to Democrats isn’t helping a thing. The DBNJ and USA Today should apologize for its blatantly misleading headline.


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