Ted Cruz Just Topped Beto O'Rourke's Skateboarding Through a Whataburger Moment

Everyone thought Democratic Senate hopeful in Texas Robert “Beto” O’Rourke was so cool because he was filmed skateboarding through a Whataburger parking lot.


The clip of him doing so has been played ad nauseam on every media outlet that is friendly to him, which is to say, a lot of them.

However, O’Rourke’s cool factor might have just been topped by incumbent Republican, Senator Ted Cruz, and he didn’t even have to balance on a wheeled plank of wood to do it.

On Tuesday, the Cruz team decided to stop at the treasured gas station called “Buccee’s.” For us Texans, Buccee’s is like an oasis of wonder and splendor dotting our long, open highways. Here you can find non-packaged, fresh beef jerky, fudge, roasted nuts, sandwiches made to order, and every drink you can think of.

One of my followers summed it up very well.


As the tweet says, Buccee’s stock includes beer, which is what Cruz was after when he and his crew stopped there.

Grabbing a 12 pack of Texas’s favorite beer, Shiner Bock, Cruz strolled through Buccee’s with his sweet Texas nectar, waving at those who greeted him.

It was pretty much the most Texas thing you’ll see this week.


Was it a blatant photo-op? Yes. Was it specially made for the internet to talk about? What’s not nowadays?

But so was O’Rourke’s skating through a Whataburger, and anyone being honest with themselves on the left knows that to be true.

The difference between O’Rourke’s moment and Cruz’s is that Cruz did something the vast majority of us in Texas can relate to. A small minority out there are skateboarding through fast food parking lots, but almost all of us have strolled through convenience store with beer and at the best convenience store in Texas no less.

Both took the opportunity to score cool points, only Cruz did it better.


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