Jim Acosta Finally Snaps, Sends Childish DM to Trump Staffer After Being Mocked, Then Makes Lame Excuse for It

Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House activist reporter has always been blatantly anti-Trump, never making too much of an effort to hide it.

It sometimes reaches the point of derangement, and while that sounds somewhat hyperbolic, Acosta has displayed an incessant need to be the story when it comes to Trump-related issues, not report the story. In fact, he’s been verbally slapped so many times by various members of Trump’s staff after trying to nail them with gotcha moments that it’s hard to keep track.


All of it probably now weighs on Acosta as he seems to have finally snapped, and just directly cussed at a Trump staffer in a private message on Twitter.

Justin Caporale, a former official for First Lady Melania Trump teased Acosta with a “Dear Diary” comment after Acosta had complained about Trump doing something that displeased him…again, and mused that the White House loves “shenanigans” against the press.

Poking Acosta this way seemed to finally set CNN’s White House reporter off, and Acosta shot a DM to Caporale that just read “f*ck you.”


This little outburst was followed Acosta quickly blocking Caparole so that he couldn’t respond to the DM. Caporale sent a photo of the DM out into the public and even allowed others to log into his account so that they could confirm that it was real.

Caporale then told Acosta that he owed him an apology.


In response, Acosta made the excuse that he thought Caporale was someone he knew a ways back and was only sending that tweet in jest.


This is obviously a lie, as Acosta wouldn’t have blocked Caporale if that was the case.

It would appear that Acosta’s own ultra-hatred of all things Trump had finally caused him to snap a bit, and in a moment of anger he forgot that even private messages could be displayed to the world.

Once again, Acosta Acosta’d himself.


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