The Left Is Turning on Elizabeth Warren, and It Will Only Get Worse

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is currently bailing water out of her quickly sinking ship, and the people who were supposed to help her keep afloat seem less and less interested in saving her.


It would appear the left is turning on Warren for her social justice sin of being a white woman pretending to be an ethnicity that’s high on the social justice totem poll of victimhood. Not only that, they seem to be angry that Warren is attempting to double down on her claims instead of turning around and apologizing for her now obvious lie.

Rebecca Nagle, of deep leftist site ThinkProgress, is a member of the Cherokee Nation, a “two-spirit (queer) woman.” I’m not sure that I, a half-gopher, half-combustion engine attack canoe with a +5 in charisma have the authority to comment on Nagle’s opinions, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

Nagle wrote at ThinkProgress that Warren has goofed — and badly — in an article titled “Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test is self-serving and dangerous to Native people,” where she points out that Warren may have kicked off a slew of people who are now questioning Cherokee officials about whether or not they’re qualified to say who is and isn’t a part of their tribe:

Warren could have put this issue to rest years ago by simply apologizing for listing herself as a minority during her academic career and for touting her supposed Native American heritage over the years, and by admitting she made a mistake, which she still refuses to do. (Warren’s office did not immediately return ThinkProgress’ request for comment.)

While Warren states she does not have Cherokee citizenship, the distinction likely won’t transfer to  the broader U.S. public, which will understand a DNA test to be a true indication of her right to claim Cherokee identity in some way. This is because many Americans know nothing about tribal citizenship, Cherokee history, or Native identity. Today, many of Warren’s supporters question the authority of Native people to comment on who is and is not Native.


For those of us who couldn’t give a lick about what the left thinks, this means almost nothing, but for those who adhere to the principles of identity politics and social justice, not believing the words of minority or “marginalized” groups is against one of their chief laws.

To the SJW left, Warren did damage to the Native American people. This won’t go over well with the loudest members of the hard left, which is who the Democratic party currently listens to.

It will take some time for Warren to repair her damaged reputation, and due to her faux pas, she might have to pull out a lot of stops before she’s forgiven. If this anger continues to grow, she might never recover.

What is for sure is that Warren has dashed her 2020 hopes. As I wrote on Warren’s presidential chances on Wednesday, Trump has proven that he lives rent-free in Warren’s head and that she seems to have a reactionary attitude around him. With that level of control over Warren, Trump may have already won his campaign against her without having to do much more than making a few comments here and there to push her into doing whatever he wants. This has even been acknowledged by the Huffington Post, who couldn’t get enough of Warren not long ago.


Combine this lack of confidence with the left’s growing resentment toward Warren, and you may have a dead in the water presidential hopeful.


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