Twitter: Comparing Jewish People to Pests We Exterminate Is Fine, but Making Fun of Leftists Will Get You Banned

Twitter has crossed a very serious line in its bias today, and one that it will have to work very hard to backtrack on.

For setup, on Tuesday, Minister Louis Farrakhan posted a video of himself comparing the Jewish people to termites.


What Farrakhan did was essentially post a video where he thanked the Jewish people for their “stupidity” in elevating him to international fame, then proceeded to compare them to a pest that we exterminate from our homes.

Cries naturally went up as this is a clear violation of Twitter’s rules which include a rule about targeting a religious group for hate:

Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. Read more about our hateful conduct policy.

According to Joe Bernstein of BuzzFeed News, Twitter has analyzed Farrakhan’s tweet and found no problems with it.

So the rule is that you can attack Jewish people and compare them to pests worth exterminating all you want.

However, Twitter has also recently made it very clear that you are not to insult anyone on the left by comparing them to non-player characters in video games.

As I wrote previously, 4Chan and the gaming community began comparing social justice warriors and identitarians as non-player characters or NPC’s. Essentially, the joke is that SJW’s share a lot of the same pre-programmed characteristics seen in video game characters who, while seeming lifelike, are really just following pre-determined instructions given to them from a programmer.


Apparently, this meme hit a little too close to home for the hard left, and as a result, they began to cry out to Twitter for them to stop the circulation of the meme and punish anyone using it. Twitter reacted almost immediately and began banning accounts that utilized the meme. Twitter couldn’t have an effective narrative circulating against its favored ideology.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Twitter user Bruce Carrol, also known as “GayPatriot” was banned on Twitter because…well, no one is sure. Even Carrol doesn’t seem to know any specifics. What is apparent is that Carrol was good at making fun of the left and that he had amassed quite a few fans. He didn’t seem to do anything that broke the rules of Twitter, and so his banning is something of a mystery.

A key point to consider about Carrol, however, is that Carrol is gay and saying things that the identitarian left didn’t think he as a gay man should be saying. While Twitter may not offer any real reasoning as to why Carrol was banned, we can surmise he was banned because Carrol isn’t supposed to exist. As far as the social justice left is concerned, if you’re gay then you have to hate Republicans and the right. Carrol obviously didn’t fit in the arranged box.


Just to add to the fact that Twitter has buried itself in a hole of its own bias, you can watch my video on how Twitter dragged its feet on punishing anyone who actually threatened the right with violence, including the children of Dana Loesch, but reacted post-haste when anyone on the right put so much as a toe out of their ever-changing line.

This is a new low for Twitter and one that everyone should be beyond outraged about. Twitter just basically set the precedent that Jewish people are a low member of the social hierarchy and that making fun of them is fine. Let me be clear.

Twitter is fine with anti-Semitism.

They’ve already established that threatening the right with harassment and violence is okay, but making fun of leftists is out of bounds.

This social network is a toilet.


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