Why Twitter Banned the "NPC Meme" Being Used Against Social Justice Warriors and the Hard Left

Screenshot: NPC Meme/4Chan

The NPC meme is one of the more brilliant things to come out of 4Chan, not only because it’s so clever, but because it’s so effective.

For anyone not familiar with the NPC meme, I wrote an entire article about it that you can read by following the link here, but the short version is that it compares social justice adherents with the non-player characters seen in video games that you, the player, interact with in any given game.


The comparison was just too perfect. Both NPC’s and SJW’s tend to repeat the same canned phrases, get their marching orders from the same place, and all seem to not be able to think critically outside of the pre-approved beliefs. Like NPC’s, SJW’s and the hard left resemble programs more than they do people.

This was an attack on the left, so naturally, Twitter responded. The social network is staffed with an ideologically homogenous left-leaning workforce by CEO Jack Dorsey’s own admission. So, of course, the network’s workers, who were likely also taking the meme very personally, acted quickly to remove any offending accounts that utilized the meme to great effect.

This is actually a very quick and decisive action from Twitter who terminated the use of the meme on their platform just as the meme was really getting its legs. It didn’t allow it to spread and thrive in the public square, because it may have done some serious damage to their social justice and identity politics causes in the social marketplace if it did grow any more than it had. What’s more, the identitarian left had no defense against it. The meme was too accurate.

And that’s why Twitter acted so quickly. The meme generated so much anger and outrage from the identitarian/social justice left because it too accurately described their modus operandi. It pointed out that much of the hard left is a pre-programmed mess of anti-individualism and unthinking nonsense.

God forbid anyone on the left saw that meme and did some self-reflection. More importantly, if the general public got a good laugh out of it, then the left would lose a lot of the power they’ve garnered over the populace. Their ideas would be dismissed amid the mockery, and that would result in a loss of societal power.


Twitter, being an active player in the growth of the societal acceptance of social justice, had too much to lose by such a meme rolling back the curtain on its believers.

And so it began punishing anyone it found using the meme.

If it sounds ridiculously unfair, it’s because it is. The left has no problem dehumanizing its opponents.

During the heyday of the GamerGate movement, the social justice left labeled anyone who opposed their march into gaming culture “sock puppets” in order to dehumanize and minimize the voices speaking out against them. They either wanted others to believe, or they truly believed themselves, that a large swath of the international gaming community couldn’t possibly be against what they stood for, and accused those standing opposed to them of being fake accounts run by bots or by one person. They especially lashed out against anyone who was a minority or a woman, accusing them of being a fake persona run by a white male.

You can also still see it today by the way the left accuses nearly everyone on the right of being funded and controlled by the Russians. According to the left, social networks like Twitter were suddenly overwhelmed with Russian bots attempting to undermine the left’s glorious mission to bring Utopia to the United States. No one who opposed them could possibly be real or truly be American. Everyone was a Russian plant.

On neither one of these occasions did Twitter step in to stop such a dehumanizing tactic. It was being used against the right or social justice left’s ideological opponents, and so such insults and accusations were fair game.


As I explained in further detail in the video below, Twitter is so ideologically bent that it will suspend, shadowban, or outright ban anyone guilty of wrong-think. It will allow people to threaten the children of a right-wing woman and say it doesn’t violate any of their terms of service before it takes action due to someone with a large platform taking it public.

When using Twitter, remember that if you’re on the right then you’re not on a level battlefield. The Twitter administration will always give the left the high ground, and you may be suspended or banned at a moment’s notice whether you violated their terms of service or not.


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