Trump Mocks Elizabeth Warren and Thanks Cherokee Nation for Rebuking Her on Twitter

May the mockery of Elizabeth Warren never cease.

Something about identity politics brings out the crazy in people, and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is not at all immune. Her years of lying about her Native American ancestry have finally come around to figuratively bite her in her very literal white rump.


As Streiff breaks it down, Warren was in full defense-mode over the onslaught of bad press and unceasing mockery from the public after she released her DNA tests that showed she is indeed not of Native American ancestry, at least not to any degree considered relevant. As LaDuke covered, even the Cherokee Nation itself rebuked Warren for using her supposed identity within the tribe as a way to get ahead her entire life.

But the mockery hasn’t stopped there, as President Donald Trump has responded to Warren’s attempts at painting Trump as the bad guy in this story by pointing out that even the Cherokee Nation has rejected her.

Trump suggested that Warren should issue an apology for her years’ worth of lies about being part of the Native American bloodline.


Trump then thanked the Cherokee Nation for delivering such a fine gift to him and the United States.

The left’s obsession with identity politics drove poor Warren to make such claims in full knowledge that she has less Native American blood running through her veins than many an American. This was driven by Warren — an otherwise middling Senator with not much in the way of helping her stand out — and her need for attention, and a way to obtain a sense of victimhood, which is something like currency to the left.

If the Democrats are smart, they’ll try to pull themselves away from the social justice craze that has crippled the Democratic party since 2016. However, I’m not sure they will.


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