Man Claiming to Be Woman Offers Lousy Defense for Defeating Women in Cycling Championships

A cyclist rides during the 158.5kilometer (98.1-mile) 19th stage of the Spanish Vuelta cycling race in Noja, Spain, Friday Sept. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Juan Manuel Serrano Arce)

One of the greater oddities of our society is that the mental disorder of gender dysphoria isn’t treated as the thing it is, but instead is celebrated and encouraged.


Nevermind that it carries with it a strikingly high suicide rate at 41 percent that only grows 19 times more likely after transitional surgery. If you ask the media, leftist politicians, and more, transgenderism is the bee’s knees and must be promoted at all costs, either by making those who disagree with it public pariahs or by law if necessary.

Stranger still, however, is the insistence by the leftist social justice cabal that we applaud and celebrate transgendered athletes victories in sports, even if that means cheering for a biological man who beats women. Despite the fact that women consistently fall short of men’s physical accomplishments in sports consistently by 10 percent in the majority of contests, we’re supposed to act like something great has happened whenever a man pretending to be a woman beats a woman in a physical contest.

Take, for instance, this latest win by a biological man turned trans woman during the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships.

Rachel McKinnon is a transgendered Candian cyclist who won the gold while competing against other women. Upon her victory, he was celebrated as being the first world trans champion for cycling. Naturally, the win sparked a wave of anger and controversy that McKinnon immediately labeled as transphobia.


Not only did his win not go over well for many women, but it also didn’t seem to please the 3rd place victor Jen Wagner-Assali, who voiced her displeasure on Twitter about her defeat at the hands of a man in a woman’s competition.

McKinnon attempted to mount a defense by pointing out that Wagner-Assali had actually beaten him in 11 of the 13 races they had previously competed in together.

McKinnon’s claims of Wagner being the better athlete the majority of the time breaks down when you look at the fact that McKinnon consistently finishes within the top 10 percent more than Wagner does. Furthermore, McKinnon has been racing since 2015, and has garnered far more wins and top finishes than Wagner, who has been racing since 2012.



When broken down, McKinnon’s pointing out that he’s been defeated is something of a lousy excuse. That Wagner-Assali had beaten McKinnon previously doesn’t dismiss the fact that McKinnon is benefiting from an advantage given to him by his male biology, consistently allowing him to reach heights within a sport where everyone else is less likely to overcome him. That he even places in the top tier during these competitions ahead of other women is bad enough. That he’s garnered such an impressive record in a short time also doesn’t help his cause.

McKinnon is benefiting from denser muscles and bones, higher oxygen intake and lower resting heart rates. Testosterone is a hell of a drug, and the physical benefits have been demonstrated throughout time. The only likely reason McKinnon has failed to overcome some in many of his races against the women is likely due to the fact that women tend to have more natural endurance than men do, and this sport, in particular, requires a lot of it.

Regardless, McKinnon’s biology has helped him find success within the sport against biologically disadvantaged opponents, and now even earning him a gold medal in a worldwide competition. This advantage widens with intense training, which McKinnon reveals he did quite a bit of when responding to an angry commentator.


At the end of the day, McKinnon is a fraud and a cheat, and it’s unfair to other women who now have to walk home with lesser medals and worse finishes because they were put up against opponents who get natural physical advantages.

What’s more, labeling others as transphobic for pointing out simple numbers and biological facts is not making McKinnon look any better.



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