Blue Wave Goodbye: Polls Show Crushing Midterm Defeats for Dems and a Maintained Republican Senate Majority In the Cards

When viewing the Democrat’s strategies over the past few months, the words “inept failures” would be an accurate description to put on them.

Not only did they fail to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court despite a whirlwind of dirty tricks and all the media’s horses and all the media’s men chipping in to help, but the Democrats also couldn’t stop the tidal wave of judicial confirmation put in place by Republicans.


This has created a devastating lack of momentum for the Democrats, making their prophesied “blue wave” look like a pipe-dream that will never come true. In fact, it seems that the wave has more of a crimson hue than not.

The right has been seeing something of a rising tide of its own in the polls after the GOP’s success with Kavanaugh. The New York Times polls noted that Republicans are surging ahead of their Democratic opponents in Texas and Tennessee. Missouri Republican challenger Josh Hawley is making Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill’s campaign look like a non-issue according to one poll.

According to the Daily Wire, North Dakota Republican Kevin Cramer leads Democrat Heidi Heitkamp:

North Dakota Republican Kevin Cramer now leads Democrat Heidi Heitkamp (who recently said she decided to vote against Kavanaugh after watching his testimony with the sound off) by 12 points, according to a recent Fox News poll. An NBC News poll conducted at the end of September found Heitkamp trailing by 10 points.

Democrats are now walking a very fine line, where any misstep could result with the GOP continuing to own a 51-seat majority in the Senate according to the Daily Wire, and it’s already looking dicey:


The six remaining toss-up seats are ArizonaFloridaIndianaMissouriMontanaand Nevada, all of which are very tight and some of which have been trending towards the Republicans. If Republicans win a single one of those seats and the “safe” seats indeed go red, the GOP will maintain its current 51-seat majority. If Republicans gain two or more, they will have strengthened their control over the Senate.

The momentum generated by Kavanaugh, and the Democrats ugly reliance on identity politics and mob tactics, has put them at such a disadvantage that 2018 may be immune from the law of undulation usually seen in politics. If it does, it will be a historic time and one that will echo all the way into 2020.



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