WATCH: Another Pro-Life Woman Assaulted by a Pro-Abortion Lunatic

Screenshot: YouTube

If you’re a woman and you believe in the sanctity of life enough to reject abortion, then it would appear you’re more at risk to suffer an assault of some kind than not.


Last week, total alpha and male-feminist Jordan Hunt showed how much he respects women after he roundhouse kicked a woman for expressing her pro-life views to him.

It seems it’s happened once again, this time to a woman named Katie Somers, who approached a group of pro-abortion Demonstrators near Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. As a conversation was going on between the two sides, another woman named Gabby Skwarko, a member of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, suddenly begins to attack Somers with metal objects.

Sommers described the attack according to LifeNews:

“The possibility of self-defense was gone for me the moment she used the metal cart as a weapon,” Somers told LifeNews. “At that point, I was terrified of having my teeth broken, being concussed, or worse, and my priority was to get away and to safety.”

The attack was captured by two different people from two different angles.

Somers says she was injured in her right wrist and has bruises all down her right leg. According to Global News, police are currently investigating the incident, and Somers says they are going to press charges.

It’s sad that the voicing of an opposing opinion would cause someone to react with violence as Skwarko did, but these are the times we live in apparently.



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