Ted Cruz Currently WAY Ahead of Beto O'Rourke in NYT Poll

It just keeps looking worse and worse for the Democratic challenger to Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke.

According to an ongoing New York Times poll, 200 out of a goal of 250 people have been polled so far, and as it stands, Republican incumbent Cruz is 12 points ahead of O’Rourke.


NYT warns not to take the poll seriously until it’s finished asking everyone, but don’t expect the poll to change much.

Yesterday, I highlighted that Cruz’s numbers are up as well in the CBS/YouGov poll by two points. While not a major increase, it does signal that Cruz is surfing the same wave many other Republicans are currently benefiting from thanks to the successful confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.

According to the CBS/YouGov poll, Republicans are more excited about turning out to vote at 73 percent thanks specifically to the Kavanaugh confirmation, as opposed to Democrats which sit at 60 percent.

The NYT poll asked a similar question of which party Texas respondents would like to see in charge of the Senate. At this time, 53 percent said they want Republicans in charge, while only 41 percent said they’d like to see a Democrat takeover.

It would appear that Texas is still predominantly red despite the Democrats’ best efforts to turn it blue.

Again, the poll is not complete, but the effects of the Kavanaugh confirmation have seen support and momentum for Republicans increase substantially. Investors Business Daily ran its own poll and found that Democrat approval dropped double digits, while Republicans have seen an increase, even in places like Missouri where Claire McCaskill is shown to now be losing to Republican challenger Josh Hawley.


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Readers should be warned not to rest easy. The law of undulation is still in effect and getting out to vote is still key. It’s still not safe for Cruz, and it won’t be safe for Cruz until the elections are over. The same can be said of many a Republican.


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