WATCH: College Protesters Can't Figure Out Why They Believe What They Do

Screenshot: Fleccas at USC

If it wasn’t for the fact that they too often become violent, college protesters would be nothing but one laugh riot after another.

Hang around almost any University campus for long enough, and at some point, you’ll run into leftist students protesting something. Your chances to spot them improve if a right-leaning speaker is set to show up at the campus to give a lecture.


For instance, students at the University of Southern California held a protest because Ben Shapiro was set to show up, and the leftists on campus responded predictably by gathering to protest against “hate speech, bigotry, etc.” being promoted on campus.

YouTuber Fleccas went down to USC to ask students to talk about why they hate Shapiro so much, and the students answered him as eloquently and knowledgeable as you think they would…which is to say that they didn’t know why they gathered.

As you’ll see in the video, not one student could tell Fleccas what exactly Ben Shapiro said or did that earned him the sour labels they give him. In fact, one girl admits she’s never actually seen anything he’s said herself, just that she’d heard he’d said something from a friend.

One guy Fleccas interviewed actually did watch Shapiro’s stuff, and lo and behold! He became a conservative.


It didn’t just stop with ignorance about Shapiro. Some protesters chanted things that aligned the police and the KKK. When Fleccas points this out, the students either go silent or tell him to go away. Fleccas even goes so far as to ask one student about her Asian privilege, and she desperately searches for the words to answer him to no avail.

More and more, students of high-end Universities that are supposed to be the most educated and knowledgeable among us just come off as stupidly obedient puppets.


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