Chuck Grassley: FBI Investigation Reveals Nothing New, It's Time to Vote

Whatever circus the Democrats were trying to form with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as the main distraction, Republicans aren’t impressed with the show and are now ready to go forward with a vote.


According to a letter released by Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office, the FBI investigation has returned with findings that contained nothing the Senate didn’t already know, and as such, it’s finally time to vote Kavanaugh in.

“There’s no contemporaneous evidence,” wrote Grassley. “The investigation found no hint of misconduct and the same is true of the six prior FBI background investigations conducted during Judge Kavanaugh’s 25 years of public service.”

Grassley went on to remind the Senate that they are not a courtroom and that with the overwhelming lack of evidence against Kavanaugh in mind, they should remember that people are innocent until proven guilty. He added that “abandoning that principle would cut a sad path for the Senate as an institution.”

Grassley said that senators should “wipe away the muck from all the mudslinging and politics and look at this nomination with clear eyes,” adding that he’s one of the most qualified nominees to come before the Senate.


“It’s time to vote. I’ll be voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh,” wrote Grassley.

As Joe Cunningham wrote, Sen. Mitch McConnell has scheduled the vote on Kavanaugh for tomorrow, indicating that he has the votes to confirm the justice and wouldn’t have scheduled the vote so soon if he didn’t.

Hopefully, by this weekend, Justice Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court where he’ll finally be free from the left’s attempts to destroy his character and his life to prevent him from moving up.


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