Watch: Pro-Abortionist Man Kicks Pro-Life Woman During a Debate

Screenshot: Twitter video

I’m not sure how often we’re told that the right is dangerous and encourages violence as the left consistently demonstrates just how violent they are.


Be it Antifa or a random mob, the left is constantly showing us that it’s willing to destroy property and cause bodily harm in its quest to silence and intimidate opponents. It doesn’t matter who the target is, man or woman, black or white if you run afoul of the mob’s leftist ideology, there’s a good chance you’re putting yourself into harm’s way by being there.

A good example has sprung up in a recent video where a pro-life woman decided she would confront and debate a group of pro-abortion demonstrators.

The woman was filming her debate she attempted to begin with the demonstrators and wound up talking to a man in a purple hoodie and a pentagram necklace. As she began to debate the man he seemed to brace for something and then kicked the woman. As the phone falls to the ground you can hear the man say “I mean to kick your phone” as screams of “call the police” can be heard.


Even if the man did just mean to kick her phone and not her, this man still engaged in the destruction of personal property simply because he disagreed with this woman’s stances on abortion.

Also, I find it interesting that this obviously “woke” man did this to a woman. Aren’t they supposed to be champions of women, especially if they’re showing up to pro-abortion demonstrations on sidewalks?

Also, would he have done this to a man?

Judging from his lack of “toxic masculinity,” my guess is no.


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