Steven Crowder's Newest "Change My Mind" Is the Most Relevant and Explosive Yet

Screenshot: Change My Mind: Rape Culture

One of the most popular feminist myths being spread around our society is that the presence of a “rape culture” exists.

For those unfamiliar with it, the concept of a “rape culture” is that our society gives little care to rape victims and very little credence to their claims, thus perpetuating a culture where rape is popular or pardonable. This is, of course, 100 percent false. Our society takes rape very seriously, so much so that we’re willing to create entire national movements and destroy the lives of those who commit it.


In fact, we take rape so seriously, that we’ve even gotten to the point where we’ll destroy the lives of those who are merely accused.

Conservative commentator, Steven Crowder, is known for a series called “Change My Mind” wherein he opens up difficult conversations about controversial or hot-button topics. In the shadow of the Kavanaugh circus, where the idea of a rape culture is currently being used as a tool against him, Crowder decided to open up a conversation about it.

And the sparks began to fly.

What struck me most about this episode wasn’t the lack of facts that many who decided to argue with Crowder brought to the table. What struck me was the fact that many people who sat down to talk to Crowder about it told him that this isn’t something he should be talking about at all, or at the very least, approaching in such a way.

It would appear that the current tactic surrounding the rape culture myth is that we shouldn’t be talking about it at all and that only those who qualify as victims should be the only voices we’re hearing. Crowder tackles this idea from the very beginning, offering up examples that lend to the idea that just because you haven’t experienced something, it doesn’t mean you can’t have logical and productive ideas about it.


Regardless, he was continuously urged into silence.

It’s odd that in a time when we should be speaking out more about rape, so many are told to keep silent. In Crowder’s video, you can see for yourself how people react when the “wrong people” begin speaking.


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