Alyssa Milano Proved Long Ago That She Cares Little for Sexual Assault Victims, and Her "Virtue" Is Politically Driven

Alyssa Milano is a D-lister with an A-lister’s platform due to all the recognition being given to her for her political activism.

Whether it’s showing up to anti-NRA rallies while repping her “NORA” (No Rifle Association, wow what a name) group, or appearing at the Kavanaugh hearings to show her support for believing survivors, Milano’s career now primarily exists on the activist front, not on the stage.


However, despite her consistent attempts to paint herself as a paragon of progressivism, Milano is continuously revealed to be a massive hypocrite.

At her “NORA” protest in Dallas, it was widely believed that her bodyguard was armed due to the obvious outline of a gun in her security’s jacket. This as she advocated against the personal use and ownership of firearms.

Milano attempted to claim that he was not her personal security, but I can personally attest to the fact that he was taking orders from her and her staff, as I was present at the time this was all happening.

Milano has now moved onto sexual assault due to it being the prime public topic thanks to the circus surrounding Kavanaugh, and Milano has been front and center for the cameras to give her heartfelt condolences and empathetic outrage to all the victims of Republican agendas-I mean of sexual assault.

If it sounds like I’m doubting Milano’s care about victims, it’s because her care seems to be directed by her politics, not by general sentiments. As DailyWire found, Milano is known to not believe survivors in the least if the survivor is the victim of Democrats. Case in point, this tweet from 2012.


Bill Clinton is the Achilles heel to the left’s claims that they believe survivors. Juanita Broadrick is actually laughed at if she’s not being shunned by the left despite her repeated claims that she was raped by Clinton.

Also, I’m not really seeing anything from Milano about her outrage surrounding Keith Ellison, who abused his girlfriend, Karen Monahan, and she actually has evidence. Believe me, Milano has been asked about Ellison before, and we’ve yet to see a response.

Milano is exhibiting a pattern where she’s proving to be little more than an actor who, like her friends in Washington, never lets a crisis go to waste. When a left-leaning cause rears its head, you can bet Milano will be there making sure cameras are pointing straight toward her, and her commentary is taking front and center.

Given her behavior, however, I can’t, for one moment, believe that her concern for the thing at hand is genuine.


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