Democrat Already Fundraising off of Ford's Testimony at Kavanaugh Hearings

Never let a crisis go to waste, said Democrats. Apparently, this kind of crisis even includes the alleged worst day of Christine Blasey Ford’s life.

Hawaii Democrat Mazie Hirono is shamelessly sending out fundraising emails alongside Ford’s testimony about how she was fighting Republicans to stop the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


Again, these emails went out simultaneously with Ford’s opening, tear-filled statements.

If there is some truth to what Ford is saying, and there really was an attempted rape on her, then Hirono just used a woman’s sexual assault to get more money.

This, in itself, is utterly disgusting.

But this falls in line with what Mazie Hirono does. Just earlier this week, Hirono was utilizing the outrage around Kavanaugh to raise funds alongside, claiming that Kavanaugh knows he’s guilty.

Fundraising is a common thing for politicians to do, and they oftentimes take every opportunity to utilize a current event to do so if they can find a way to relate to it. This example for Hirono, however, is so tone-deaf and out of touch that it’s a wonder fellow Democrats aren’t coming out against it.



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