Of Course Kavanaugh Is Angry, and It Doesn't Remotely Disqualify Him From the Supreme Court

Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. (Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP)

I’m sitting here watching Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh choke back tears as he gives his opening statements, and that’s hard enough to watch.


But I keep seeing the most ridiculous parts of the left suddenly find Kavanaugh’s righteous anger and crushing sadness as proof positive that he’s not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

The position can be summed up by Will Saletan of Slate.

What a shallow, ridiculous, and moronic thing to say.

Here we have a man who has just had his life ripped apart by a political behemoth looking to malign his character, lie about his past, destroy his life, ruin his career, and put his family through hell WITH LITTLE TO NO EVIDENCE, all because they’re trying to make sure the Supreme Court stays more friendly to them.

Throughout this entire circus, every story brought against Kavanaugh has been so minimal in proof and outrageous in its accusations that it’s been unbelievable that it’s gotten this far. He’s being pegged as a sexual assaulting monster by a woman who can’t seem to keep her story straight and can’t get corroborating evidence. He’s been accused of being a part of a high school rape-ring that was so successful at being silent that no evidence has ever surfaced about it.


Meanwhile, Kavanaugh has brought every piece of evidence to bear to clear his name, all of it credible, and yet he’s still being held down in the mud by the collective boots of the Democrats and their pet media.

Of course, he’s angry. He has every right to be. He has every reason to be. The world has come down on this man despite his provable innocence, and despite the position, he’s been nominated for being one of the highest offices in the land, he is still a human. A man with a family, with hopes and dreams. His emotional state is currently being put through the ringer.

That members of the left cannot sympathize with this only shows how shallow and inhuman they are in their ideological bubble.

Kavanaugh has only shown me that he belongs on that Supreme Court without question.


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