The Wheels on Michael Avenatti's Witness's Story Are Already Coming Off

FILE - In this May 30, 2018, file photo Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels, talks to reporters as he leaves court in New York. Before he began representing porn actress Stormy Daniels in her legal fight against the president, Avenatti was virtually unknown outside a small legal community. But in less than six months, the sharp-witted litigator has skyrocketed to becoming a household name as one of President Donald Trump's chief critics. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

If the stink coming from Julie Swetnick’s claims about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was already bad, then it’s about to get so pungent you’ll want to gag.


Michael Avenatti’s supposed Kavanaugh killer gave us a story about Kavanaugh being part of a rape gang during his teen years that was so good at keeping it secret that even when girls witnessed other girls getting drugged and being gang-raped, they still attended the frequent parties where these events allegedly occurred.

The story already seemed more than a little shaky to begin with — in no small part because it didn’t really accuse Kavanaugh of doing anything but handing a girl a drink — but Avenatti and Swetnick submitted a sworn affidavit nonetheless attesting to the fact that Kavanaugh was perfectly knowledgeable about the rape ring.

What’s more, Swetnick swore within the affidavit given to the Judiciary Committee that she could provide witnesses to back up her claims.

Now the story has apparently changed as congressional sources reportedly say Swetnick cannot offer witnesses to back up her claim according to Paul Sperry.


As Sen. Chuck Grassley warned Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday about Deborah Ramirez lying under oath, “as you know, false statements made to the press are not subject to criminal penalty, but false statements to Congress are.”

If Avenatti’s witness lied in the affidavit about being able to provide evidence and then delivering none, then it’s possible that Avenatti and Swetnick could now be in some legal trouble. There could be a difference in Perry’s understanding that she hasn’t provided any as of yet vs. her ability to, but at this time, it would appear that congressional sources are reporting the latter.


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