Brett Kavanaugh Responds to Avenatti Witness Like Brett Kavanaugh Should

Another day, another sexual assault claim against Brett Kavanaugh, and another story that has way too many holes in it to be believable.

Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has produced his supposed bombshell witness, Julie Swetnick, who came forward and essentially accused Kavanaugh of being a part of one of the most successful underground rape rings that were orchestrated by a group of drunken teenage boys.


As I wrote earlier, so much of Swetnick’s story leaves so many odd questions to ask, like why did these girls continue to attend these parties consistently when there was an ultra-high chance that they would be drugged and raped by several boys who they have seen form trains on other girls, and why were there no rumors of this until now?

The accusations are so outlandish that even Kavanaugh’s statement against the accusation reads like someone who picked up a copy of a cheap tabloid and saw a story about space aliens openly living in a suburban Wisconsin neighborhood.

“This is ridiculous and from the twilight zone,” said Kavanaugh in his statement. “I don’t know who this is and this never happened.”

Swetnick and Kavanaugh never met, and even Swetnick says that she only knew Kavanaugh because he ran in the same circles as some of her friends.

This new accuser seems to be telling a story tailor-made for a Democratic narrative that has all the same flavoring of the debunked UVA rape story made popular by the Rolling Stone. This story has massive holes in it, and something tells me we may be looking at another “Jackie” in the form of Swetnick.


As the story unfolds, we may learn more about why Swetnick held onto this knowledge about such heinous and continuous rape until now, but until then, Avenatti and Swetnick have miles of gaps they need to fill in with facts and information before this story can be remotely believed.


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