SHOCKER: Poll Proves That Party of "Believe Women" Don't Believe Abuse Victim When Abuser Is a Democrat

Listen and believe…unless the abuser in question is a Democrat.

RedState has been covering the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh very closely, but hiding in its shadow is a similar story happening, but with a Democrat as the main villain.


You can probably already see why this story is going unreported by the mainstream media.

Former Deputy Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison is currently running for Attorney General for the state of Minnesota. Ellison is known for many things, such as being a hard leftist, being supportive of domestic terrorist group Antifa, and as of late, being emotionally and physically abusive to his girlfriends.

Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, came forward and said that Ellison has had a history of abuse, and provided doctors notes claiming to detail her injuries at Ellison’s hands.

According to Monahan, she has raised this issue with Democrats, but they have only turned their back on her. In fact, DNC Chair Tom Perez deferred the case of Ellison’s abuse to the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) who is supposedly investigating the case, but have fully endorsed Ellison for AG.

According to Mediaite, the Minnesota Star-Tribune conducted a poll for Ellison’s support and found that he’s barely winning against his Republican opponent Doug Wardlow. It’s odd that he doesn’t have a larger lead in such a blue state, but I digress. The real takeaway was that the poll asked about the abuse allegations against Ellison.

As per the usual, the belief of the accuser split down party lines, but the amount it tilted is shockingly massive. According to the poll, only five percent of Democratic women believed Monahan’s accusations:


From Mediaite:

42% of Republicans say they believe Monahan while 15% don’t and 43% aren’t sure. Among Democrats, only 5% believe his accuser while 30% dismiss the allegation. 65% of Democrats aren’t sure. There’s nearly an even amount of Independent voters who believe or don’t believe Monahan (20%-19%) while 61% are uncertain.

As Democrats continue to rage against Kavanaugh and his alleged sexual abuse at the age of 17 to a woman who can’t remember the date it occurred, and whose own friend never heard her mention Kavanaugh as the culprit, they’re willing to dismiss Monahan’s claims very easily.

The party who continuously touts that we should believe women shockingly does not believe women when the accused is one of their own. Even in the face of evidence, Democrats will willingly dismiss it if it means a Democrat did it. Meanwhile, claims made against Republicans with little to no evidence must be believed without question, or you’re a rape apologist.


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