Awkward: Huffington Post's Own Poll Reveals Few Actually Believe Kavanaugh Accusations Are True

The Huffington Post is supposed to be a conduit for the minds of the left, ranging from the sensible to the completely insane, to spill their guts onto the internet, and allow other leftists to gather and bask in the warm glow of their own word vomit.


At this moment, the hot topic is Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and HuffPo has been dutifully banging the drum for the leftist narrative. For the writers at HuffPo, Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford is a victim, and Republicans know it, they’re just too sexist to admit it.

However, HuffPo conducted its own poll with YouGov surrounding Kavanaugh, and found that a low percentage of people actually believe that Ford’s accusations are credible, with 28 percent of males believing the claims, and even fewer females at 25 percent. Men who don’t think it’s credible sit at 34 percent, while women disbelieve the claims at 23 percent. Most women said they have yet to see enough evidence to judge at 35 percent.

Most of the decision is split down party lines, with Democrats believing the claims are credible at 53 percent, and Republicans at only four percent. Only 19 percent of Independents seem to believe the claims as well. 

As I said on Wednesday, online polls are still being refined and most shouldn’t be taken at face value. Remember that so many had Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 elections in the 90’th percentile. So it’s likely that these polls are a bit inaccurate.


That said, if the HuffPo/YouGov poll does have any truth to it, then this is not great news for the left who are making fools out of themselves daily in their attempts to paint an innocent man as guilty of attempted rape in order to score political points in front of a country that, for the most part, doesn’t believe them.

Interestingly, this tidbit of information regarding credibility by gender isn’t popping up in the HuffPo article covering the poll.

…wonder why.


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