Beto O'Rourke's Positions on Gun Rights Continue to Prove To Be Very Un-Texan and Without Common Sense

Democratic candidate for Texas Senate and Ted Cruz’s challenger Beto O’Rourke is proving to be the Democrat’s Democrat in Texas, much like Wendy Davis before him.


O’Rourke is continuing to push the Democrat idea that guns cause too many problems, and therefore should not easily be obtainable by law, while not acknowledging the fact that such a law would only affect the lawful.

As Stephen Gutowski points out at the Free Beacon, issues regarding firearms have been brought up around O’Rourke several times now, and at every turn, he’s proven himself to be on the foolish side:

“Did he take money from the NRA?” he said. “Does he represent the gun manufacturers instead of my kids and the families of the 30,000 people we lose every single year to gun violence in this country?”

O’Rourke did not specify that nearly two-thirds of gun deaths in America are the result of suicide.

The candidate did not bring up the issue of gun control in the rest of his speech. However, when an audience member asked whether he supported putting guns in schools as a means to protect students, O’Rourke simply replied, “no.” His answer was met with applause from those in attendance, but polling in the state shows that a majority support arming teachers and school staff while 87 percent support having armed security officers in schools.

The O’Rourke campaign website touts his support for a number of new gun-control laws. On the site, he advocates a new national universal background check law, opposes national gun-carry reciprocity, and calls for additional funding for government research on gun violence. He also explains his support for banning certain semiautomatic rifles and so-called high-capacity ammunition magazines.


O’Rourke’s positions are nothing new from Democrats but have only proven to be the kind of positions that will get more people killed. At last check, a staggering 98.4 percent of mass shootings occurred in gun-free zones. O’Rourke’s position that children at our schools should not be guarded by guns — while O’Rourke himself would enjoy that kind of protection should he win, yet hasn’t said a word to the contrary about it — is only going to put more Texas children at risk. As Gutwoski pointed out, it also runs contrary to what the vast majority of Texans want.

Furthermore, O’Rourke’s positions on gun control would only punish law-abiding citizens for the actions of criminals, and he’s only making it easier for criminals to commit crimes without the presence of good citizens who would have otherwise been armed.

O’Rourke’s positions sound great to Democrats, and immigrants from blue states, but for Texans, his words sound like the kind every politician we’ve ever rejected have due to the fact that the ideas have been proven not to work.


In the case of gun rights, anti-gun laws that have proven not to work too often prove they’re ineffectual by the amount of dead they create. O’Rourke’s positions will be no different.


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