Twitter Suspending Benghazi Survivor After Bashing Obama Flies in the Face of CEO's Claims of Fairness to Congress

Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto was mocking the left over Obama and Bin Laden’s death on Twitter when he suddenly found himself suspended from the social network.


According to Paronto, he was responding to an account claiming that Obama killed Bin Laden to Robert J. O’Niell, the very Navy Seal credited with killing Bin Laden.

Paronto found this exchange hysterical — and who wouldn’t — and decided to rub some dirt in the wound.

“OMG??!! Did you just tell the guy who Shot Bin Laden that @BarackObama did it?” tweeted Paronto. “BWAHAHAHA Thank you for verifying that BHussein Obama worship and TDS causes liberals to skip retard and go straight to potato. #YouAreAnIdiot #NeverGoFullRetard”

Paronto soon found his account locked, and was told to delete the offending tweet. Paronto did, and released the tweet again, this time in picture form with the explanation of what had just happened to him.

“After being in the @Twitter penalty box for a few and having to delete the below tweet for offending the leftist hate group @itmustend for their epic fail of telling Rob O’Neill that BHusseinObama killed UBL and not him I’m back up..sooo Twitter doesn’t censor ehh @jack?” tweeted Paronto.

As I’ve covered previously, it’s highly possible that Twitter suspended Paronto for lashing out at the wrong person, but it’s also likely that Twitter suspended Paronto’s account for use of the word “retard,” which is considered offensive to many.


Interestingly, a quick Twitter search for the keyword “retard” reveals an entire list of tweets that use the word within it, and that list was automatically adding new tweets. Twitter seems to allow the word to populate their site quite a bit with no backlash.

I’d also like to add that Twitter was supremely slow to punish those responsible for the death threats of Dana Loesch’s children, as well as the photo of a gun pointing at Meghan McCain while she cried beside her father, John McCain’s casket. Paronto’s suspension, however, came rather quickly. This further leads to the idea that Twitter is suspending people for offending their biases, rather than breaking their rules.

And all this after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told Congress that Twitter does not punish people for their biases.

So whether Paronto was suspended for trashing Obama, or he was suspended for use of the word “retard,” it’s still an unfair suspension. It would appear that Twitter’s left-leaning bias has struck again, this time on a survivor of one of the worst blunders of Obama’s time as president.


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