Twitter Bans Alex Jones, Keeps Louis Farrakhan and Hamas Account Active

It was only a matter of time before Alex Jones was permanently banned from Twitter. That much we knew was going to eventually happen.

Since we’re talking about things that aren’t at all surprising, Twitter has kept the accounts of Louis Farrakhan and the pro-Hamas account completely active.


For those who don’t know, Louis Farrakhan is also a crazy conspiracy theorist who runs his own church. Farrakhan can sometimes sound a lot like Jones as far as conspiracy theories go, but with the added crazy of thinking that Jewish people are to blame for every wrong and that there should be a violent movement against white people. In fact, at the writing of this article, the pinned tweet on Farrakhan’s twitter for some time referred to the Jewish people as “satanic.”

Despite the fact that he is certifiably insane, Farrakhan gets to keep his Twitter account because…well, we’re not sure.

Farrakhan isn’t technically the leader of a terrorist group, despite the fact that he fosters and breeds hatred for Jewish and white people. However, Hamas is totally a terrorist group. This isn’t just rhetoric on my part, it’s quite literally labeled so by the State Department. Why? Because they actually want a genocide of the Jewish people. In fact, it’s in their charter.


And yet, what appears to be an official account continues to thrive on Twitter despite tweets like this that actually justify bombing innocent Israelis.

It appears that Twitter is keeping to its tried and true method of targeting people who belong to — or appear to belong to — the right-of-center. As I’ve posted before in both writing and video, Twitter’s bias has proven to be strictly against the right, and they will take little to no action against anyone else, even if they defy their rules and regulations.


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