Student Socialists Launch a "College for All" Campaign to Give Out Free College In Order to Train More Socialists

The University and College once had the purpose of elevating the individuals within the general public to stations beyond their current one by injecting with knowledge and know-how that would benefit them and society. Now they’re so burdensome that they’re becoming a weight, not only to the public in general, but anyone who goes there to learn.


This is a result of many different things. One of them being the fact that the University weighs students down with useless requirements that have nothing to do with vocation they’re attempting to get a degree in. It hoists expensive classes on people who have no jobs, telling them that once they obtain a piece of paper saying they followed the University’s directions well enough, the jobs will be very easy to obtain.

This ends up being a false promise, as everyone attempts to all apply for the same kind of jobs where there is only so much room, and you wind up with students who have a mountain of student debt while they flip burgers. In fact, according to Federal Reserve data, millennials are far behind where their parents were at their age despite being far more educated.

It’s too often proven to be a waste of time, and it’s a waste of money as well. The student loan debt in our country has now reached $1.48 trillion.

Debt and useless knowledge that leads nowhere aside, colleges and universities are notorious for being havens of radical left-wing thinking. Too often is the case that a student will enter the college a student, and emerge an activist. The extremes of which range from simple protests, to essentially kidnapping a school administrator, and social justice fanatics patrolling colleges with bats.


The ideological militancy of students in colleges is too often off the charts. Colleges and Universities are rife with socialist professors who in turn create socialists students. This is great news for the left who count on these students being taught to love the failed system of socialism and hate the successes of capitalism to win them elections.

Which is why socialist groups are now pushing a “college for all” campaign, with the goal of getting politicians to pass laws that make college completely free.

From Campus Reform:

The Young Democratic Socialists of America’s latest campaign, College for All, will focus on the well-known socialist agenda of free college education for all students, which YDSA is pushing at both private and public universities.

“I believe that YDSA is more important now than it ever has been, and that’s because we’re in a political moment where capitalism and neoliberalism are failing us, and it’s more apparent than ever before,” a YDSA staff member asserts in the video. “Inequality gets worse every year, and our government responds by cutting taxes for the rich and cutting aid for the many. People are hurting and the far right is offering a false solution, and that’s one that revolves around the dehumanization and violence against working class people of color.”

The idea is that kids come to college for free, learn how to be good socialists, and go take their socialism out in the world. This education does nothing to help them succeed, but success for these students isn’t the point. It’s about the success of socialism, not the success of the individual.


And we know this because they’ve essentially admitted it in a pamphlet according to Campus Reform:

The DSLC and the YDSA are shipping out free copies of the pamphlet to those who “plan to use” them, and has also made a version available online.

“Teaching is proving to be one viable way for socialists to get into the labor movement and wage class struggle in a key industry that is under attack by capital,” the pamphlet declares. “Teachers across the country and indeed the world have shown us that if we organize in the schools, we can not only win concessions from the millionaire and billionaire class, but can also set a powerful example for the entire working class to follow.”

The problem is that the kids are embracing the idea of socialism like never before. To them, the idea of radical changes toward what they’re told is “fairness,” “justice,” and “equality” sounds romantic and exciting. They’re lead to believe that they are part of a grand movement that will change the world for the better.

However, if the students had actually experienced socialism, they would spit on the ground at hearing the word and walk away. Socialism has killed so many millions throughout its collective time in various countries both in the past and in the present, that it’s a wonder the world hasn’t rejected it wholesale.

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Socialism doesn’t work with human nature, and so never has, and never will work. What these students are being taught to support is nothing short of an economic system that creates the worst kind of society that humans can endure. If they succeed, unless they are part of the ruling class, they will face starvation, sickness and disease, overbearing governments, extreme poverty and more. We know this, because this has been the pattern throughout time. One need only look at Venezuela for further proof.

These students are digging themselves into a whole they can’t get out of, and they’re trying to encourage others to do so too.



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