One Chick-fil-A Owner Is Proving Why the Christian Chicken Chain Is the Best Fast Food Joint in America

Chick-fil-A is one of America’s best fast food restaurants, and not just because they serve tremendously delicious food, but because the restaurant is known for some of the best service both inside and outside of their establishments.


In Plainfield, Indiana, one Chick-fil-A restaurant is going to undergo renovations from the end of September to November, leaving the employees with a lot of unpaid free time. So, according to WXIN-TV, instead of letting his employees lose money while doing nothing, he’s going to pay them to help out around the community:

During construction, Owner Chris Spires says his team members will be deployed throughout the area, serving with non-profit organizations including schools, parks and recreation, and Active Grace, a center that helps the homeless transition back to work.

After the restaurant is remodeled, it will reportedly have two drive-thru ordering lanes that will merge into a single payment and pickup lane.

Spires says he’s hoping to give back to the community that has supported him.

“For the past 14 years, I have served the Plainfield community side by side with some amazing Team Members,” said Spires. “The support of our amazing community is the reason we are able to expand and renovate our restaurant. We are thrilled to spend some time while we are closed supporting organizations that make Plainfield and the surrounding areas such a wonderful place to live and do business.”

Spires says that he’s also accepting suggestions for other organizations he and his team can help with while the renovations are happening, and says that people can send those suggestions to [email protected].


If anyone is curious as to why Chick-fil-A is set to overtake major brands within the near future and become the third most popular fast food chain in the U.S., this is why. The values of the restaurant are not only expressed vocally, they’re backed up with deeds. This has been seen repeatedly and includes moments where Chick-fil-A went above and beyond to lend help.

One major example is during Hurricane Harvey, when an elderly couple half-jokingly called Chick-fil-A for some food and a rescue boat. Sure enough, the Chick-fil-A manager in Houston sent her husband and a boat to collect the couple and some of their belongings. As God would have it, two men on jet-skis also showed up to help with the evacuation as well.

Eat mor chikin. It helps your community.


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