Watch: New Illustrated Video Shows How One Guy Trying to Impress a Girl Can Bring Down a Socialist Utopia

The Earth revolves around the sun, ice cream is delicious, and socialism doesn’t work. These are all indisputable facts.

As I’ve covered before, socialism is a complete failure everywhere it’s been tried. Past and present examples show us that it either leads to stagnation or complete collapse. It’s a system of government responsible for hundreds of millions of unnecessary deaths, mass starvation, and economies where their currency is worth less than virtual currency found in video games as seen in Venezuela.


The reason socialism fails so badly is that it requires creatures with little to no egocentric tendencies, whose entire lives revolve around serving and upholding the state. In other words, it requires a species similar to ants. As I’ve written previously in more detail, we’re nothing like the ant. We’re more along the lines of advanced apes, and as such are motivated by things like status, abundance, comfort, and safety. Ourselves and our tribe come before all else.

Even the most stand-up of socialists is going to be obedient in some way to his or instincts. At some point in time they’re going to want more than what they have, and they’ll justify their selfishness in some way to make it seem more virtuous. In fact, justifying selfishness and fairness is the unspoken truth of the whole socialist ideology.

Since those past and present examples of socialism don’t seem to have any effect on changing the minds of socialists, I figured I’d go a different route, and tell a story that shows how human nature will always win, and how it can set off a domino effect that can collapse an entire socialist utopia.


Enjoy the illustrated story of Bernie Broham, an SJW who finds the girl of his dream, and brings down the miraculously functioning socialist system of Socialistville in his quest to impress her. Watch as reluctant Socialistvillite “Randy” utilizes capitalist principles to make himself rich, and how the unrest that socialism creates invites the worst kind of villainy to thrive.


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