If You're a Leftist, Your Show Got Canceled Because It Sucks

I just want to clarify something to those moaning about unfair treatment toward this group or that group being the cause of a left leaning enterprise getting the boot or not perform well.


Rest assured, it’s not because people are sexist, racist, homophobic, or whatever hate term you can throw around. It’s purely because what you were doing sucked.

This especially goes for Michelle Wolf, who just had her show cancelled by Netflix. Hard to believe that the woman who celebrated abortion with a marching band and glitter didn’t find a very wide audience. Also, the unbelievably annoying voice probably didn’t help as well.

Of course, the social justice left popped up and began finding excuses for Wolf’s canceled Netflix show. Bess Kalb, writer for Jimmy Kimmel, chimed in and offered the idea that Wolf was a victim of sexism, not bad writing.

The truth is, Wolf’s show was filthy with “jokes” that elicited a response that Ben Shapiro coined as “clapter,” or a cheering response to a political statement that’s wrapped in a thin layer of humor. Clapter is a style of “comedy” that finds an enthusiastic audience on the social justice adherent left. It’s not funny to anyone outside those ideological boundaries, and thus the number of eyes that Wolf was attracting to her program wasn’t worth the cost.


So Wolf wasn’t a victim of sexism. Her style of humor was just so niche that when people saw her program as an option on Netflix, they skipped right over it and chose to watch Friends reruns, Voltron, or Black Mirror instead. It sucks to suck, but Wolf just sucked.

But Wolf can be proud, at least in her eyes, that she’s joining a growing list of horrible feminist-lead creations that have been weighed, measured, and been found wanting.

The all-female reboot of Ghost Busters and Oceans 11 were both horrific shadows of their original, all male creations. Actresses from both movies accused their film’s failures on the fact that our society is rife with sexism. In truth, both movies suffered from non-dynamic writing that was laced with political propaganda. Few people are going to enjoy that kind of thing, unless they subscribe, or are friendly to that ideological viewpoint that thinks political affirmation is better than quality entertainment.

When you put parading your politics around — literally in Wolf’s case — before your comedy, you’re just asking people to tune out and reject you. That’s not to say political humor doesn’t work. Jon Stewart made me laugh despite our political differences. John Oliver is pretty successful at it too. They still failed from time to time, and sometimes miserably, but at least they were focused on making their jokes funny.


So don’t blame your failures on the supposed hate of others. It’s not that they suck, it’s you.

Now if you’re Tim Allen, on the other hand…


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