The Left's Deplatforming Double Standard is Apparent and Out of Control. Here's What We Can Do

It’s demonstrably evident that much of the social media platforms in existence right now are of a leftist bent, and that this bias effects their decision making as to what is and isn’t acceptable speech.


Silicon Valley, where much of these tech companies hail from, is filthy with social justice driven standards that allow for speech that denigrates and even calls for violence toward different groups, so long as that speech is directed toward the right kind of people or groups.

Being talked about ad nauseum right now is what happened to conspiracy theorist and sensationalist Alex Jones. I want to make it perfectly clear that I don’t support Jones and his tendency to resort to insane stances, like calling the Sandy Hook parents crisis actors. That’s enough to toss him into the crazy pile and stroll away quickly.

Despite his being a ridiculous person, I wouldn’t go so far as to say Jones is going to lead a violent uprising, or attempt to throw anyone in death camps. We can argue the merits of conspiracy theorists spreading information that cause people to act in disgusting ways, but I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say Jones is going to lead a revolution that will topple anyone or anything. In truth, I’ve always kind of viewed him as what it would be like if The Onion took itself seriously.

But while platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Facebook are parading Jones’s head around on a pike for the world to see, I’m noticing a few accounts that actually do call for real harm still intact.


On Facebook, for instance, Louis Farrakhan is still a present entity with an active public page. For those who need an introduction, or even a refresher, Farrakhan is himself a conspiracy theorist who thinks the government is out to get the black community. He believes, and tells us frequently, that the Jews are to blame for society’s ills. He’s the same guy who called for a violent uprising against white people because they oppress black people.

Facebook has taken no action in deleting Farrakhan’s pages, or anything associated with his “ministry,” the “Nation of Islam.” In fact, the Nation of Islam app is still available in the Apple store as well.

Already we’re seeing a double standard, and one of the worst kind. Jones is a bombastic podcast host who talks about gay frogs and calls weeping parents fakes. Farrakhan calls white people and Jews the enemy, and calls for violent uprisings. Both men are horrible, but the former isn’t calling for the destruction of an entire people.

As well, Twitter seems to be choosy about which speech it considers to be too far, and which is considers just fine.

Recently it was discovered that an editor recently hired by the New York Times, Sarah Jeong, was a rabid racist due to tweets she sent out previously targeting the white race. Twitter never suspended Jeong’s account for these tweets. However, Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens made these exact same tweets, only replacing the word “white” with other races. Owens account was quickly suspended, and reinstated within 12 hours with an apology from Twitter.


But it goes beyond just social media platforms. The bias continues in other sections of our society. As the Daily Wire has noted, President Donald Trump’s star is currently up for being removed by the city of West Hollywood, citing his stances on immigration and his treatment of women to name a couple.

However, as the Daily Wire pointed out, plenty of stars are still present on the walk of fame. This includes Kevin Spacey’s star — which is actually right next to Trump’s — and Spacey is guilty of pedophilia towards young boys using unwanted sexual advances. Bill Cosby’s is also still present, and his sexual assaults and rapes include a laundry list of women.

The list of notable examples of platforms silencing or punishing the right for wrong-think is beyond evident. It’s near impossible by now to hide the obvious bias, and willingness to act against groups and individuals in accordance with that bias.

The trouble is, what is the solution? Private companies can silence and deplatform whoever they want. It’s their business, and many of us on the right are perfectly accepting of the fact that as much as we complain about it, we’re not about to get government to step in and control a private organization.

There are different schools of thought on this, however.


But the way to do this without any government intervention is to do things the way our economic system was made for; vote with your wallet.

There are other social media platforms like and, which promotes the idea of free speech, and doesn’t rely on corporate sponsors for money, which tends to muddy the waters of what is and isn’t acceptable. Instead it relies on user donations. The more who transfer to such locations, the better, as more users and donations is going to make it easier for others to utilize the platform as well.

This is admittedly a bumpy road. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have so integrated themselves into everything from our devices to the way we log into other websites that it’s hard to think they can be shaken off. However, if Alex Jones is the canary in the coal mine many (including myself) believe him to be, then you’re going to be shaken off anyway. This will either be because you’ve been personally banned from these networks, or everyone you respect and listen to has.

One doesn’t have to abandon the social networks we currently use cold turkey in order to begin anew on a different one. By all means, continue using Facebook if it pleases you. However, as more and more users leave the biased and controlled social media platforms and begin to utilize free speech information sharing sites, this will be come easier. It will also inspire developers to offer tools that allow you to import your photos, videos, etc to your chosen social media platform.


The internet is a very large place and exploring  your options has never been easier. We truly believe that, due to the high volume of users on a specific site that this is the only place we can do X,Y, or Z. This is not the case, however. Sites with high membership numbers plummet and fall all the time. MySpace was a social media giant until it was replaced by Facebook.

Giants are large, but they aren’t immortal. If platforms are mistreating you, reward those that don’t with your attention.


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