Democrat Sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Keeps Proving Her Worth to Republicans

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat’s latest trendy candidate, is constantly embarrassing herself whenever a camera has the misfortune of putting her in focus.


Her consistent gaffes and embarrassing moments have really put what could have been the Democrat’s most powerful weapon to push the party further to the left into a study in what not to do. First, it was calling Israel “occupied Palestine,” a claim that she couldn’t explain anything about, then it was attacking her fellow Democrats out of ignorance of her own state’s election rules.

It also doesn’t help that she doesn’t understand what satire is, or at least when she’s the one being satirized.

But she can’t even seem to explain her own positions either, even when the person asking her the questions is definitely on her side, while on a show that is definitely slanted toward the left, on a network that forgot what comedy is.

While on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Ocasio-Cortez was asked how all the free stuff she’s proposing to give away can be paid for. This is a perfect opportunity to spout off vague talking points like her “democratic socialist” predecessor Senator Bernie Sanders does, and allow her words to be cheered on by the trained seals in the Daily Show’s live audience, making them seem more agreed upon by the masses.

Instead, what she ended up doing was spewing forth an incomprehensible metric ton of word salad that’s more than a little awkward to watch.


I’ve been in Ocasio-Cortez’s position before while being interviewed. She has a lot of facts she wants to put forth to make herself seem knowledgeable and intelligent, but what ends up happening is the facts get jumbled in her head, which makes her nervous, which further jumbles her facts. She can’t stop and regather them, and so she ends up spewing forth a lot of garbage as she tries to simultaneously organize her thoughts and explain them.

Oftentimes this happens due to inexperience and lack of training. Ocasio-Cortez obviously suffers from both. However, not everyone is going to be as understanding about her Daily Show moment as I am. What most people will see — or want to take advantage of if we’re being honest — is the fact that Ocasio-Cortez just isn’t competent enough to even explain her position.

Despite my understanding what happened to her on the Daily Show, I can agree that she’s inept even at the best of times. This is demonstrable, not only by the fact that she subscribes to the failed socialist model of economics but also in that all her knowledge seems to come from things she’s heard her friends relay in some fashion. There doesn’t seem to be any real study that’s gone into what she’s talking about and, I’d almost venture to say, any true belief.


Ocasio-Cortez’s real strength comes from her ability to pander, but even that has its limits. When you can’t even relay your talking points well, you won’t find yourself winning over many people who want to know more than surface level facts about you.

The young democrat’s rocket is ready for blast off, but if she continues to embarrass herself and her party, then voters may call off the election altogether, and to the delight of her fellow Democratic politicians. She’ll fade into the background as someone who was once useful but ended up being too try-hard to support with any gusto.

At this rate, she’ll be put into the Democrat’s “friend-zone,” with David Hogg.


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